March 18, 2011

This is the website administration changelog.


New features & bug tracking


12-11-2013 – Updated plugins.

11-27-2013 – Removed LinkedWithin as they have failed to maintain their plugin. Installed Disqus commenting as they finally fixed bugs that prevented usage with our theme.

11-15-2013 – Updated plugins.

2-1-2012 – Updated plugins.

04-10-11 – Added “Community Profile” child category under “News”. Site maintenance: removed duplicate titles.

04-07-2011 – Removed star ratings as it was causing pages to load slower. Also removed facebook like box for the same reasons until they fix their slow response times (up to 6-7 seconds) – replaced with a static image that will be updated daily instead. Enabled server compression for additional filetypes and enabled database query caching for dramatically improved response times and page loading. Removed Facebook, Twitter, and sharing utilities from the home page as most viewers do not use them based on excerpts – they read the entire article first. This also improved home page loading speeds. Sedalia News Journal is now one of the fastest (if not the fastest) loading websites in Sedalia, MO. Site viewership has increased by 200%+ as a direct result.

04-05-2011 – Installed page caching for improved page loading speed. Disabled compression algorithm in the caching system as it was feeding some browsers invalid pages for several hours. Redefined image parameters for better page loading speed.

03-27-2011 – Replaced Smart Tweets for Pages with twitterfeed on Facebook page. This provides better article titles, descriptions, and includes the post picture (unless there is none). Now fans of the Facebook page will receive correctly formatted updates from select categories in their news feeds from

03-22-2011 – Replaced related posts and rating system with a better one. Changed server compression settings to improve speed of page loading.

03-21-2011 – Fixed Facebook “like” feature to include the correct picture from the post on the user’s wall.

03-18-2011 – Added breadcrumbs for easier site navigation (I.E. “HOME>>NEWS>>LOCAL”). Added “Music” sub-category to “Arts & Entertainment”. Added “related posts” feature and user ratings to articles. Added QR code for smartphones.

03-17-2011 – Removed Facebook Like button as it was causing XSS errors in IE browsers.

03-15-2011 – Added improved photo/gallery viewer.

03-14-2011 – Removed category feeds from front page except for “News” and “Sports”.

03-13-2011 – Added Facebook Like button for the website (not for the Fan page).

03-08-2011 – Added Apture advanced search and explore functions without having to leave the website. Allows one to highlight text on any page in the site, opening an advanced search dialog. Ads dropdown menu when page is scrolled below the Nav menu. Also ads icons on document links for quick viewing within the page, without having to download the document.

03-07-2011 – Added Facebook Like box

03-02-2011 – Added like, tweet, and sharingsocial bookmarking features to posts.

02-28-2011 – New site is live on domain