Local towing firm ranked in magazine’s top 500

September 4, 2014

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FamWKaley2Don’s Truck Towing & Truck Wash, Inc., has been ranked on the Towman 500, “Most Experienced Towmen in America.” Compiled by American Towman Magazine, the towing industry’s premier trade publication, the Towman 500 is based on the oldest established towing business in America. Don’s Truck Towing & Truck Wash, Inc., was established in 1976 on South Limit and in 2007 added a second location at the Marshall Junction.

Members of the Towman 500 gathered at AT Expo in Baltimore, MD, last November and AT ShowPlace in Las Vegas, NV, this May and received a commemorative belt buckle. The buckle featured a big number 500, a tow hook and an elephant; the elephant representing towing in ancient times. A Latin inscription on the buckle, “Victoria suppresendam,” translates to: “Victory is survival.”

The oldest tow company in attendance was established in 1901. American Towman Magazine, itself, was established in 1977 and is the oldest trade magazine in the towing industry.

For more information on Don’s Truck Towing & Truck Wash, Inc., you may contact Don Weaver at (660)827-2970.

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