Airport aid, root control bid approved by Council

September 4, 2014

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Sedalia-SealBy Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council met this past Tuesday for their regular council meeting. The session was held on Tuesday due to the Labor Day Weekend. During the council session, city council approved several ordinances in a quick meeting.

The Sedalia City Council approved and accepted an Airport Aid agreement between the City of Sedalia and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for the Runway Reconstruct project at the Sedalia Regional Airport.

According to information provided by city staff the city approved a contract earlier this year concerning the project, but the state did not send the portion of the agreement which concerned the city’s matching funds amount.

The State of Missouri initially told city staff the match amount was $275,000, however they readjusted their numbers and now the match from the City of Sedalia only totals $169,722. Council had already budgeted in the $275,000 for the project and now they will see substantial savings of $105,278.

Council also approved a bid an agreement between the City of Sedalia and Elite Root Control for the chemical root control within Sedalia sewer collection system.

The approved bid was in the amount of $15,800.40. The original bid stated that whichever company approved must have at least three certified pesticide applicators, but Elite Root Control only has one. The staff approved waiving of the requirement due to the fact that only one was needed. Staff originally intended to remove this requirement before the bid publication went out, but it was overlooked. The bid came in under the budgeted amount of $25,000.

The council approved an ordinance which authorized payment for four permanent sanitary sewer easements from William and Valerie Poort, and John Van Dyne III and Mary Van Dyne for improvements to the Northwest Treatment Plant.

The easements are required in order to complete the first equalization basin project at the plant. City employees will be installing additional piping, as well as a lift station in order to process wastewater from the north lagoon. These improvements are a part of the $30 million city sewer project.

Council also amended the municipal fine and bond chart of the municipal court. This was a follow-up to the work session held on August 25.

“They made very minor changes,” City Clerk Arlene Silvey said.


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