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August 27, 2014

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Sedalia-SealThe annual survey of Sedalia municipal services is now complete. During the month of July virtually every household within the city limits received a survey asking for opinions on service quality. Additionally, citizens had the opportunity to respond via the city webpage. Results from the yearly measurement are also compared to a similar poll taken last year. Here are some of the highlights:

This year, 69% of those responding said Sedalia is an excellent to good place in which to live and 5% said it is a poor place to live. Last year those figures were almost identical at 69% and 6%. When asked to rate the overall quality of city services offered to Sedalia residents this year, 65% said excellent to good and 6% said poor. Last year those numbers were 64% excellent to good and 8% poor.

Overwhelmingly, citizens don’t want to see certain city streets returned to brick. 66% said no to the brick idea and 26% said yes. Also, overwhelmingly, Sedalia residents agree that for health and safety purposes, the City should inspect rental properties before they are occupied. 69% said the City should do the inspections and 23% opposed the idea. Brick streets and rental inspections were not measured last year.

Services showing an excellent to good rating of 60% or higher are seen very favorably by citizens. Again this year, the most popular city service is regular trash pick-up. An extraordinary 82% said it is excellent to good. Of that figure, 49% said excellent. 3% said poor. These high positive totals are very similar to last year.

The Police and Fire Departments also rank high with Citizens again this year. 62% said the Fire Department is excellent to good while 1% said poor. On the other hand, last year the excellent to good rating for the fire department was 74%. The Police Department also has a 62% excellent to good rating with a 6% poor measurement.

Last year the Police Department showed 69% excellent to good and 5% poor. Another department showing up well is the Parks and Recreation Department. Its excellent to good numbers reflect a total of 76%. 2% said poor.

As is frequently the case in many cities, street and sidewalk maintenance are reflecting citizen concern. This year, 33% said street maintenance was good to excellent, but 26% said poor. On the other hand, this service is showing signs of improvement.

Last year 29% said good to excellent and 30% said poor. Same with sidewalks. This year, 27% said sidewalks in Sedalia were good to excellent and 25% said poor. This is an improvement over last year. At least in partial response to these survey numbers from 2013, the street budget is higher this year. That seems to be reflected in the improving street maintenance survey totals.

Animal control has a 34% good to excellent rating this year with 17% saying poor. Last year the good to excellent total was 44% with 15% saying poor.

Sedalia residents are generally satisfied with the yard waste disposal service with 58% saying it is good to excellent. 8% say it is poor. These are better yard waste facility numbers than last year. Opinions of downtown

Sedalia also are improving when compared to last year. This year, 53% of those responding have a favorable response to downtown Sedalia. Last year that figure was 49%.

Approximately 9,000 surveys were mailed to Sedalia households.  There was a return rate of about 9%.

  • Sedboy

    Funny how they left out the results of “would you financially support a new community center?”

    Probably means that the majority were against it but they are going to do it anyway.

  • Interested Citizen

    I think the idea of a community center is on the farthest back burner right now. I have not a thing about it recently and I don’t think our new mayor is too eager to push the idea forward right now. I’m also not sure if “the majority” is against it anyway.

  • Sedboy

    If it is on “the farthest back burner”, then why was it included in the survey to start with? I can almost guarantee you that a 20 million dollar meal for the monster hasn’t been pushed aside.

  • Interested Citizen

    OMG, Sedboy, we would “NEVER” want to ask any question like that on a “survey”. You know what that might bring. Rational discussion and we don’t want that do we?

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