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August 20, 2014

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Janis-1-webBy Kyle Siegel
Staff writer
The Missouri State Fair is known for having a wide variety of activities and items for the public’s viewing pleasure. For those interested in art, visiting the Fine Arts Building is a must. During the course of the eleven-day event, many artist in residence are on hand to demonstrate their craft for the public.
Artist Janis Burgin is one such artist at the 2014 Missouri State Fair. Burgin, a resident of Jefferson City, specializes in glass fusing and oil painting. Burgin was asked to explain the process of glass fusing.
“I take spectrum 96 fusible glass and make jewelry sized pieces and wine toppers. I melt them in the jewelry kiln between 1,500 and 1,800 degrees. From the time they finish the piece, it takes about two hours before they can take them home.
“We fire it about 30 minutes to heat it up and about 30 minutes to bring it down to a temperature where I can put it into a fiber blanket to finish cooling,” Burgin explained.
Burgin was asked to explain her process in her glass fusing designs.
“It is taking fusible glass and arranging it abstractly or non-objectively into pins, necklaces, wine toppers, wind chimes; wherever you can let your imagination take you,” she explained.
Burgin is a full-time artist who teaches oil painting and glass fusing to those interested. She spoke about how long she has been involved the teaching of art, as well as how she became involved in glass fusing.
“I am a full-time artist. I teach oil painting and glass fusing. I dabble in pottery, clay pieces and drawing with sticks. I have been doing glass fusing about 15 years. I took a workshop here in Sedalia. The Sedalia Visual Arts Association offered a workshop and it was in Myrna Ragar’s basement,” Burgin said.
She added, “I have my own studio, JB Art Studio, and I teach in other studios. I have always taught at my home and traveled to nearby towns. I am in my 23rd year. I have been teaching oil painting, and travelling for the past 23 years. I have continuing students and I have some that stop and come back.”
Burgin spoke about the enjoyment she gets from teaching.
“I love teaching. I get as much enjoyment out of someone liking what they do as they like what I do. I really like it when they see their piece as it comes out, whether it is painting or glass,” she said.
Burgin is a member of several arts groups in Missouri, including the Sedalia Visual Arts Association, Jeff City Art Club, Best of Missouri Hands, and the Capital City Council on the Arts in which she the current vice president.
Burgin will be showcasing her talents in the Fine Arts Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds through Friday, Aug. 15. She has pieces for sale that range from $8-$24. People may also feel free to email her at They may also call her at (573) 338-3866. People may also visit her website at –-Photo by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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