Truck & Tractor Pull becomes one-day event

August 13, 2014

in Local

Tractor-11The Missouri Association Championship Truck & Tractor Pull Finals were held Monday, Aug. 11 at the Missouri State Fair grandstand. The planned two-day event was squeezed into one after the Sunday preliminaries were canceled after heavy rains.

Coming up Sunday, Aug. 17 are the Lucas Oil Missouri State Fair ‘Protect the Harvest’ Summer Nationals. Cost is $25 general admission (free for ages 5 and under). Photos by Dan Hickman, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

Tractor-10 Tractor-1 Tractor-2 Tractor-3 Tractor-4 Tractor-5 Tractor-6 Tractor-7 Tractor-8 Tractor-9Truck-12 Tractor-12 Tractor-13 Tractor-14 Tractor-15 Truck-1 Truck-2 Truck-3 Truck-4 Truck-5 Truck-6 Truck-7 Truck-8 Truck-9 Truck-10 Truck-11

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