Muddy MRCA Rodeo finals draw big crowd to Mo State Fair Arena

August 11, 2014

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Rodeo-27The MRCA Rodeo Finals were held last weekend at the 2014 Missouri State Fair at the State Fair Arena.

The Missouri State Fair Bull Riding Championships are scheduled for this weekend, Aug. 15-16, starting at 7 p.m. each night. Photos by Dan Hickman, Sedalia Weekly Observer.



Rodeo-1 Rodeo-2 Rodeo-3 Rodeo-4 Rodeo-6 Rodeo-7 Rodeo-8 Rodeo-9 Rodeo-10 Rodeo-11 Rodeo-12 Rodeo-13 Rodeo-14 Rodeo-15 Rodeo-16 Rodeo-17 Rodeo-18 Rodeo-19 Rodeo-20 Rodeo-21 Rodeo-22 Rodeo-23 Rodeo-24 Rodeo-25 Rodeo-26Rodeo-28 Rodeo-29 Rodeo-30 Rodeo-31 Rodeo-32 Rodeo-33 Rodeo-34 Rodeo-35 Rodeo-36 Rodeo-37 Rodeo-39 Rodeo-40 Rodeo-41 Rodeo-42 Rodeo-43 Rodeo-44 Rodeo-45 Rodeo-46 Rodeo-47 Rodeo-48 Rodeo-49 Rodeo-50 Rodeo-51 Rodeo-52 Rodeo-53 Rodeo-54 Rodeo-55 Rodeo-56 Rodeo-57 Rodeo-58 Rodeo-59 Rodeo-60 Rodeo-61

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