Sawyer, Dick, Dillon & Mittelhauser big winners in Pettis County elections

August 8, 2014

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Election-2By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Primary Elections were held on Tuesday, August 5, across the State of Missouri and Pettis County had its own highly contested races for several offices. Those races included Pettis County Prosecutor, Auditor, and Associate Circuit Judge Division 6. According to information handed out by Pettis County Clerk’s Office staff, 29.66 percent of registered voters in the county turned out to voice who they wanted to see come General Elections in November.

Candidate for Pettis County Prosecuting Attorney Phillip Sawyer defeated opponents Kim Tanner, Andrew Rehemer, and Myron McNeal to become the new prosecuting attorney come January when he his sworn into office.

Sawyer received 35.22 percent of the vote, which accounted for 2298 votes. Sawyer was asked if he was pleased with the outcome and if he thought the voter turnout was what he expected.

“I am very pleased with the outcome. I am still decompressing. We were expecting slightly higher than anticipated turnout for the primary. The number turnout was close to what I expected it to be,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer was asked what is next for him since he will be unopposed come the November election.

“I hope to find some time to do something as a family. We have devoted the entire summer for this election. I am going to keep doing business as I have always done business in the prosecutor’s office,” Sawyer explained.

When asked if the transition will be easy in January when he takes over the office, he responded, “I think the transition will be easy. I know about the pending cases, procedures and protocols. I have enjoyed working with Jeff. I think the transition will go smoothly.”

Candidate Jeff Mittelhauser defeated fellow Republican candidate Stanley Cox for the Republican nomination of Associate Circuit Judge Division Six during the Primary. Mittlehauser finished the night with 59.22 percent of the vote, which accounted for 3896 votes.

Mittlehasuer was pleased with the outcome.

“I was happy to win. I was extremely pleased by the margin of victory, but simply getting over the hump of 50 percent was the main goal.” Mittlehauser said.

When asked what was next for his campaign, he replied, “We are going to take a short break. We are going to get through the State Fair and go to the State Fair. After that, we are going to knuckle down and redouble our efforts by the end of August. I want to thank everyone that came out and voted. I hope they turnout again in November and do the same thing.”

Democratic candidate for Associate Circuit Judge Division Six Carmen Smith ran unopposed during this primary. The Weekly Observer spoke with Smith and asked her thoughts on the November Election.

“I think that Democrats are ready to have a candidate to vote for. I think they are ready to have their voices heard in their local government,” Smith said.

She added, “Right now is when my campaigning will begin.”

Republican candidate Beverly Dillon took the votes on Tuesday to become the newest Pettis County Auditor when she is sworn in come January. Dillon had 54.67 percent of the votes, which accounted for 3321 votes.

Dillon was asked what is next for her before taking office in January.

“I am going to come down and sit with Connie as long as she will let me. I want to thank God for this opportunity. I also want to thank my parents for instilling good work ethics in me. I would also like to thank the citizens of Pettis County for exercising their right to vote. I want them to remember they have a friend in the Pettis County Courthouse,” Dillon said.

Republican candidate David Dick won his primary bid for the Republican nomination in the Pettis County Presiding Commissioner’s race. Dick won with 62.29 percent of the vote. That percentage accounted for 3897 votes.

Democratic candidate for Pettis County Presiding Commissioner Kenneth Schuber ran unopposed and the two candidates will meet in the November elections.

Dick spoke of his next step before the upcoming election in November.

“The next step is to get prepared for the fall election. As we get onto the fall election, I want to become more acquainted with the county budget,” Dick said.

For a complete list of election results, visit Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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