Front-yard parking ordinance struck down by Council

August 8, 2014

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Sedalia-SealBy Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council’s Public Works Committee brought forth several ordinances and bids before the city council this past Monday, Aug. 4. One item to not be approved by the council was an ordinance concerning front yard parking on Broadway Blvd. During the pre-council session, council members voted to not bring the ordinance before the full council session.

The council accepted a bid from Rhad Baker Construction, LLC. in the amount of $103,600 for the sidewalk project along 16th Street from Grand to Ohio. This was the lowest bid submitted. According to information provided by city staff, only $75,000 was budgeted for this project. A change order will be completed to reduce the scope of work on the project.

Council also approved a bid from Vance Brothers, Inc. for slurry seal work on various Sedalia streets. The bid was approved in the amount of $345,355 and was the only bid submitted.

Sedalia City Council members also approved a bid and accepted an agreement with Agricycle, Inc. for the yard waste #5 project. The bid was accepted in the amount of $54,200. Only $40,000 was budgeted for this project, therefore a change order must be made to lessen the scope of the work on the project. City staff requested Agricycle to give a price for grinding all of the remaining material.

The council rejected a bid for the building of a roof structure over the Sedalia Street Department’s salt spreader. A bid of $82,706 was received. Only $35,000 was budgeted for the project.

A bid and agreement was accepted between the City of Sedalia and Higgins Asphalt Paving for overlay work on roads within Crown Hill Cemetery. The bid came in at $49,536. Only $44,000 was budgeted for the project so a change order must be made to lessen the scope of work for the project.

Council approved a bid for another project concerning Crown Hill Cemetery. A bid in the amount of $2,350 from Stewart Concrete Products was approved for the construction of a storm shelter at the cemetery workshop.

An agreement was approved in which a lump sum payment of $19,431.63 will be made to the Pettis County Fire Protection District #1. The payment will be made in order to cover lost revenue associated with the annexation of the Cambridge Village Subdivision.

According to state law, cities must reimburse county fire districts if the district loses revenue producing land due to an annexation. The Pettis County Fire District # 1 has agreed to accept this amount.

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