Pettis County 4-H Achievement Days winners listed

July 22, 2014

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Achievement-1This year’s Pettis County 4-H Achievement Days were held on July 1 and 2 at Our Savior Lutheran in Sedalia. There were 233 exhibits on display during the two day event in which 80 youth participated. The following is a list of those exhibits and youth that were chosen to take their projects on to this year’s Missouri State Fair.

Madalyn Amos – Showing Cows 315

Sydney Heimsoth – Fudge 551

Madalyn Amos – Pink/Peach Skirt/Navy Shirt 522

Cheyenne Hoard- PJ Bottoms (paw prints)

Madalyn Amos -Jean’s 524

Cheyenne Hoard- Bug Display 921

Madalyn Amos- Dog Treats 171

Jennifer Hutcheson – Banana Date Muffins 554

Madalyn Amos -Quilted Dog Bed 171

Jennifer Hutcheson- Doll 312

Madalyn Amos- Photo of circles on playground 351

Jennifer Hutcheson- Brown Basket Flowers cake 361

Sydney Anderson- cured ham 115

Jennifer Hutcheson- Lepeski cookies 558

Addie Berry- Bug Box 922

Samantha Hutcheson-Honey Almond Biscotti 558

Jeanette Berry- Brown Basket w/flowers cake 361

Samantha Hutcheson-Cut-Out Cookies (sugar free) 554

Jeanette Berry-Pink Sparkly Dress 522

Mallory Kroeger- Smithton Livestock Show 315

Kassidy Bridges- Dog Leash

Libby Lea – Briefcase Cat Bed 177

Madisyn Bridges – Burlap Wreath 472

Kailee Lewman – “Zoonatic” Poster 191

Madisyn Bridges- Letter Wall Hanging 472

Mason Locke – Bird Feeder Painted Red 871

Madisyn Bridges – Blanket Chest 371

Matthew Locke- Festive Donkey Planter 950

Riley Bryan – Purple Bear Head Cake 361

Dylan Martin – Ball Bat Table 872

Chase Bybee -Poultry Photo of a Rooster 152

Dylan Martin – Ball Bat Table 872

Lyla Bybee – Poultry Poster 152

Caroline Matz – chocolate cupcakes 552

Lyla Bybee – Goat Scrapbook 139

Elizabeth Matz-Cinnamon Rolls 581

Lyla Bybee- Black and White Page 315

Elizabeth Matz-Daisy Bracelet 311

Alexis Curtis- Rabbit Grooming Table 111

Elizabeth Matz-Pumpkin Bread 581

Jonathan Curtis- Goat Hay Feeder 139

Kathleen Matz-Reese’s Peanut Lo-Cal Butter Cups 554

Dylan Deuschle- 2 tier “D” Pink & Yellow Polka Dot 362

Kathleen Matz-Peanut Brittle 554Achievement-2

Keely Elwell- Standing Quiver holder 741

Caitlyn McQueen- Ceramic Nut Shell 311

Mary Eufinger-Photo of organ 351

Caitlyn McQueen- Detailed Set of 2 311

Mary Eufinger- Joy of Sunrise Photo 351

Shelbi Miller – Photo of Mushroom 353

Catherine Eufinger- Photo of Butterfly on Lily 353

Shelbi Miller – Cierra page 315

Catherine Eufinger – Corn Flake kisses (no-Bake)

Trever Nesler- Pine birdhouse 871

Haleigh Ferguson – Pink, Black White Pajama’s 521

P J Newman- Robotics Poster 881

Rilee Gerke- Container Fairy Garden 961

Kendall Pyle- 2 tier “K” Pink and Black cake 361

Tate Gerke – Swine Waterer 181

Victoria Price- Authentic Italian Cuisine Poster 558

Carsen Gerke- Bread Basket 581

Macy Reed- Banana Bread 581

Winnie Gates- Egg Garden 311

Courtlin Sanders- Yard Art-Little Lightman

Keaton Gibbs- Night Stand 872

Courtlin Sanders- 312 Plate Farm Scene

Nathanel Hampton- Robot 886

Ada Tucker- Container Fairy Garden 971

Matilyn Hayes- Decorative Plate 311

Ada Tucker- Vet Science Kit 191

Matilyn Hayes- Blue Sunshine Sunny flower cake 363

Sydney Heimsoth – Cloud with the Sun Photo 352

Ada Tucker- Horse Lead Rope 141 –-Submitted.

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