Travelers take District 2 championship title

July 21, 2014

in Roundup

Trav-District-1The Sedalia Travelers Post 642 are District 2 champions after beating Rod’s A’s twice on Sunday for the title at Hidden Valley Park in Blue Springs.

The Travelers won game one, 6-4, and game two, 10-3. Both were nine-inning games.

Austin Bullerd pitched the entire first game. In the second game, Austin Weinberg pitched seven innings and Truman Leicher finished up for the Travelers. Ian Dotson hit a home run in the second game.

The Travelers lost Friday night to Fike 4-7. They beat Fike Post 499 on Saturday 18-1. They went on to beat Rod’s A’s on Sunday in two games.. All games were nine innings except for the 18-1 win over Fike.

Shown in the team photo, front row: Mason Kelchner, Austin Bullerd, Austin Weinberg, Taylor Schubert, Steven Bradbury, Cortlen Austin, Ryan Burk.

Back row: coach Jade Samborski, Cody Kozak, AJ Paul, Chance McMullin, Lane McFail, Truman Leicher, Matt Miles, Dom Zurilli, Ian Dotson, coach Tanner McKee. Not pictured Trey Green.

The Travelers will play in the Zone tournament hosted in Sedalia on Friday at 1 p.m. Photos courtesy Sheri Austin.

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