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Moody sails to victory in USRA modified action at CMS

July 20, 2014

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July 20, 2014

(Warrensburg) A warm but pleasant night for race fans and drivers was the recipe for success at Central Missouri Speedway on KDKD 95.3 Radio race night. Jim Moody motored back to the front to win his fourth feature in the USRA Modified class, Jacob Ebert grabbed his second B-Modified feature win this season, Brett Wood claimed his seventh feature win in the Street Stocks and Gary Akers drove to his second win in the Pure Stocks as Kory Schudy received the double checkers in the Allstar Midget feature.

The Pure Stocks have seen new drivers from around the Missouri and Kansas area during their first season at CMS. Gary Akers from Buckner took the first heat win of the night with Lee Scott and Don Johnson following in the top three.

The feature event started with Akers driving down low in turn one as the early leader with Lee Scott getting loose and almost spinning out but hanging on to continue the event. Johnson moved into the second spot and appeared to gain ground on Akers especially after a lap four caution for Scott when his car slowed to a stop on turn two. In the end, Akers captured the Pure Stock main event followed by Johnson, then point leader Leroy Morrison, Jr., and Scott in fourth.

Last weekend Scotty Martin claimed the B modified victory as fans wondered if they would see a new race winner this weekend. During the three qualifying heat races, Warrensburg driver and point leader, Dean Wille took the initial heat race with Jacob Ebert out of Oak Grove moving up for the win in the second heat. Then, Ben Stockton from Kansas City claimed his first heat race victory in heat three.

The feature began as Ebert turned hard into turn one until the yellow flag flew for Dean Truelove who hit the tire down low in the turn for the first caution flag. The complete restart didn’t seem to faze Ebert as he once again charged to the front with Wille stalking him while working hard to find a line around him. Chad Staus then charged into third around Stockton and started to make some noise behind Wille. A lap four caution for Darren Phillips and later one for Jordan Clemons and Jeff Douty, in turn two briefly slowed the feature. Ebert stayed on the low side for most of the night and hung on to take his second feature of the season ahead of hard a hard charging Wille. Staus looked strong in third. Eddie Bray ended up fourth after starting inside row five in the ninth position while Johnny McGinnis moved into fifth.

The Allstar Midget Series returned to the Burg for their second visit of the season. The opening midget heat race had Kory Schudy from Republic in a close battle with Rick Murko for the win and Tyler Nelson out of Olathe in the final midget heat race setting the starting line-up for the feature.

Schudy started on the front row with Nelson and drove low into turn one coming out of turn two with the lead meanwhile several cars bounced into the front side wall with Merril Lamb sliding to a stop. Lyle Dietrich and Rick Murko received most of the damage from the melee. After the wreck, Murko helped Dietrich get back into his car as Murko’s machine went to the infield on the hook. Schudy regained the lead in front of Nelson on the restart and continued with Nelson on the high side and Kory’s Dad, Pat Schudy, on the mid to low line worked in second and third.

Just behind them Mitchell Davis from Auburn, IL, was on the move and passed both drivers on lap five up into second with an eye on the leader. A final caution flew on lap 12 for Dietrich in turn four when he made contact with an uke tire. Now, with the Schudy and Davis bunched up again the race restart, the race for the double checkers was on as Kory Schudy hung on the feature win just in front of Davis. The series points leader, Pat Schudy made a late move into third with Nelson fourth and Todd Jackson fifth.

In the Street Stocks division drivers were attempting to improve their racing programs to dethrone Warrensburg driver, Brett Wood after he claimed his sixth feature win the previous weekend. The two checkered flag heat race winners included Wood in the first heat and Allen Perryman from Belton in the second and final heat race.

As the feature started, Wood dashed out to the early lead put some distance on the rest of the field. On lap three, Jay Prevete spun out of turn two. A determined Prevete re-started tail back on the restart, but gains several spots as he starts his climb back up front. By lap 10, Prevete moved into fifth with Bobby Raybourn side by side until Raybourne spun in turn two. Now, with Perryman and Jay Lyle in front of Prevete, he finally made a late charge into second with only Wood in front of him. In the end, Wood was too strong and won his seventh win of the season, Jay Prevete came on strong hard to finish second. Perryman settled for third while the veteran driver, Jay Lyle, was fourth and Jeremiah Wilson came from tenth to fifth.

Each week the heat races at CMS bring close racing with drivers attempting to gain valuable passing points to set their main event starting spots. On Saturday evening Brian Johnson from Independence, Danny Scrogham from Peculiar and Eddie Bray of Archie, Missouri worked hard to gain their respective USRA heat race wins.

Brian Johnson has been stepping up his racing and it showed again Saturday as he led the early part of the USRA modified feature with “high side” Terry Schultz unusually using the low side attempting to move past Johnson. By lap 10, Schultz worked his magic on the high side to grab the lead with Scrogham, Dean Wille and Dalton Kirk looking fast in the top five. Schultz, Johnson and then Wille occupied the front spots with Jim Moody, who started ninth, patiently moving into the top four by lap 17.

Schultz appeared to be on his way to a second consecutive victory but Moody grabbed the lead on the low side on lap 20 restart. It appeared the top side went away for Schultz as Moody kept the USRA modified championship points battle close by claiming his fourth victory at CMS this year. Schultz hung on for second, Kirk made a late charge to third; Wille looked strong in fourth with Gunner Martin rounding out the top five.

Next week, weekly racing continues with the USRA Modifieds, Street Stocks, B-Modifieds, Pure Stocks and Guest Class, Grand Nationals.

Feature Race Finishes

Pure Stocks

A Main Feature

1st- 4-Gary Akers, Buckner

2nd- 3-Don Johnson, Overland Park, KS

3rd- 50jr-Leroy Morrison, Raymore

4th- 01-Lee Scott, Holden


A Main Feature

1st- 94-Jacob Ebert, Oak Grove

2nd- 68m-Dean Wille, Warrensburg

3rd- c3-Chad Staus, Otterville

4th- 19k-Eddie Bray, Archie

5th- 10-Johnny McGinnis, Hardin

6th- 73-Cody Frazon, LaMonte

7th- 33s-Ben Stockton, Kansas City

8th- 3B-Richard Brainard, Sedalia

9th- 11s-Chris Stout, Oak Grove

10th- 14-Bobby R. Wood, Rayville

11th- 27C-Jordan Clemons, Kearney

12th- 76-Ernie Walker, Sedalia

13th- 5R-Jason Reeves, Lawson

14th- 12-Olen Stephens, Warrensburg

15th- 44D-Dean Truelove, Blue Springs

16th- 77-Jeff Douty, Butler

17th- 44-Troy Carlyle, Kearney

18th- 21p-Darren Phillips, Clinton

19th- 03-Chris Brockway, Warrensburg

Street Stocks

A Main Feature

1st- 7-Brett Wood, Warrensburg

2nd- 25-Jay Prevete, Windsor

3rd- 66x-Allen Perryman, Belton

4th- j66-Jay Lyle, Warrensburg

5th- 58-Jeremiah Wilson, Concordia

6th- 2-Troy Turley, Knob Noster

7th- 7L-Karla Lampe, Fair Grove

8th- 23-Bobby Raybourn, Holden

9th- 74-Herb Dannar, Holden

10th- 18-Brian Inlow, Concordia

11th- 03-Clayton Campbell, Otterville

12th- j33-Josh Guy, Knob Noster

13th- 14-Larry Ferris, Kansas City, KS

14th- 85-Brett Cox, Warrensburg

USRA Modifieds

A Main Feature

1st- 00-Jim Moody, Odessa

2nd- 90-Terry Schultz, Sedalia

3rd- 30-Dalton Kirk, Edgerton, KS

4th- 68-Dean Wille, Warrensburg

5th- 75-Gunner Martin, Blue Springs

6th- 73B-Shad Badder, Oak Grove

7th- 92-Danny Scrogham, Peculiar

8th- 22-Curt Rackers, Holt Summit

9th- 97k-Brian Johnson, Independence

10th- 39-Luke Driskell, Stilwell KS

11th- 19k-Eddie Bray, Archie

12th- 32p-Nick Pence, Raymore

13th- 00x- Zack Gilmore, Kansas City

14th- 112-Justin Moon, Sedalia

15th- 2D-Dean Bachner, Olathe, KS

16th- 51B-Brandon Hill, Holden

17th- 23-Steve Twenter, Sedalia

18th- 24jr-Jimmy Eaton, Bates City

19th- 12m-Chris Moon, Sedalia

20th- 82-David Wood, Richmond

21st- 86-Buddy Benedict, Independence

DNS- 03-Jason Bodenhamer, Centerview

Allstar Midget Series


1st- 7w-Kory Schudy, Springfield

2nd- 56-Mitchell Davis, Auburn

3rd- 7s-Pat Schudy, Springfield

4th- 88-Tyler Nelson, Olathe KS

5th- 1j-Todd Jackson. Independence

6th- 5-Tony Hudlin, Iola, KS

7th- 13-Lyle Dietrich, Urbana

8th- 15-Merril Lamb, Merriam, KS

9th- 83g-Matt Gilbert, Merriam KS

10th- 48m-Rick Murcko, Iola KS

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