Council approves ‘code of conduct’ for city’s elected officials

July 15, 2014

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Sedalia-SealBy Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council met for a brief session July 7, where they approved a code of conduct for themselves and the mayor. This is the first such code of conduct for Sedalia’s elected officials.

According to the conduct ordinance, the code of conduct describes how the mayor and city council members treat each other and work together for the common community good and conducting business in an atmosphere of respect, civility and positive public perception.

The ordinance also goes on to state that the mayor and council members are responsible for holding themselves, as well as each other, accountable for displaying actions and behaviors that consistently model ideals expressed in the code of conduct.

The code of conduct has nine sections that outline the set principals to be adhered to by council and the mayor.

Section one concerns positive leadership and spirit of cooperation. As laid out in section one of the code, the council must work first for the betterment of all Sedalia.

The council/mayor agree to work as a team to find the best ways to meet the needs of Sedalia residents.

The council and mayor must refrain from abusive conduct, personal charges or verbal attacks on the character or motives of council members, board/commission members, staff and the public.

The other sections include adherence to principals; planning, goal setting and accountability; abstentions; communications; executive sessions; constituent service; political activities; and enforcement.

In other council news, the council approved a bid from Downing Sales and Services in the amount of $35,970 for the purchase of 43 two-yard dumpsters and 25 four-yard dumpsters.

The entire cost of the dumpsters will not be paid entirely by the Sedalia Sanitation Department.

The Sedalia Housing Authority will be purchasing 15 four-yard dumpsters for the sanitation department.

The Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department will be purchasing three two-yard dumpsters from the sanitation department as well.

The total cost for the sanitation department comes in at $24,030 after the Sedalia Housing Authority and Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department pay for their respective dumpsters.

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