4-H dog show gets all dressed up

July 12, 2014

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Dog-15The annual Pettis County 4-H Dog Show was held Saturday at the Commercial Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. The event concluded with a costume class.

2014 Pettis County Dog Show results:

There were a total of 25 kids from 7 counties participating in the 6th annual Pettis County 4-H Dog Show on July 12, 2014.

Clover Kid Participants

Reagan Parrott, Emery Cannon, Josiah Long, Ivy Elwell, Grant Amos, and Reid Hagedorn


Best Junior Handler: Mattie Cobban

8-10 year olds: Levi Parrott, Ryan Hagedorn, Brooke Anderson, Ebanie Shaw

11-12 year olds: Riley Hagedorn, Rebekah Long, Madalyn Amos, Bridget Gile, Stephaney Hoon

13-14 year olds: Mattie Cobban, Hannah Anderson

15-18 year olds: Katie Gibbs, Jessica Cobban, Taylor McCumber, Sydney Anderson


High in Trial: Taylor McCumber

Beginner 8-10: Levi Parrot, Ryan Hagedorn, Ebanie Shaw

Beginner 11-12: Rebekah Long, Bridget Gile

Pre Novice 8-10: Brooke Anderson

Pre Novice 11-12: Riley Hagedorn, Jeremiah Tharp, Stephaney Hoon

Pre Novice 13-14: Hannah Anderson

Pre Novice 15-18: Jessica Cobban

Novice 13-14: Mattie Cobban

Novice 15-18: Taylor McCumber, Taylor McCumber, Jessica Cobban, Sydney Anderson


High in Trial: Taylor McCumber

On leash 8-10: Levi Parrott, Levi Parrott, Keely Elwell, Ryan Hagedorn, Brooke Anderson

On leash 11-12: Riley Hagedorn, Rebekah Long, Stephaney Hoon, Jeremiah Tharp, Madalyn Amos

On leash 13-14: Hannah Anderson

On leash 15-18: Taylor McCumber, Jessica Cobban

Off leash 13-14: Mattie Cobban, Mattie Cobban

Off leash 15-18: Taylor McCumber, Jessica Cobban, Katie Gibbs, Sydney Anderson, Katie Gibbs


Grand Champion: Bridget Gile

8-10: Levi Parrott, Levi Parrott, Brook Anderson, Ebanie Shaw, Josiah Long, Ryan Hagedorn, Keely Elwell

11-12: Bridget Gile, Madalyn Amos, Jeremiah Tharp, Riley Hagedorn, Stephaney Hoon, Rebekah Long

13-14: Mattie Cobban, Mattie Cobban

15-18: Katie Gibbs, Katie Gibbs, Taylor McCumber, Sydney Anderson, Sydney Anderson, Taylor McCumber, Jessica Cobban


Best Costume: Ebanie Shaw

Some of the kids are listed twice in the placings because they exhibited more than one dog in that class. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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