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Cornell captures ‘Red, White & Blue Tour’ finale at Double-X

July 7, 2014

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CornellWebxBy Dean Reichel
Double X Speedway

July 6, 2014

The ASCS Warrior Region Sprint Car “Red, White and Blue Tour” came to a close Sunday night at Double-X Speedway in California. Sedalia sprint car ace Jonathan Cornell had captured the opening night on Thursday at Double X and followed that up with a victory Friday night at Callaway Raceway in Fulton.

Mother nature claimed the event at Randolph County Raceway on Saturday bringing the cars and stars and a legion of fans to Double-X Speedway to see who would claim the title of Red, White and Blue Champion. With 31 ASCS driver on hand, it could be anyone’s race. With Topeka, Kan., wheelman Chris Morgan on the pole of the feature and reigning ASCS National Champion Jason Johnson alongside the stands there was an electric feel in the air as the 25 lap main event took the green. Using the high line to his advantage, Jason Johnson would lead from the outset with the fleet #28 of Cornell quickly moving into second.

Cornell patiently stalked the #41 around the tight quarter mile oval as the duo started encountering lapped traffic on lap 10. As the laps clicked by Johnson would continue to lead until a lapped car held up the driver from Rocky Mount in turns 1 & 2 on lap 22 allowing Cornell to slip by and lead the remaining three laps to claim his third main event of the weekend and to be proclaimed point champion of the ‘Red, White and Blue Tour.’

Chris Morgan was able to run a very consistent race claiming third at the checker, with local shoe Corey Nelson of Eugene running an impressive fourth. Second generation driver Evan Martin of California claimed fifth, one spot ahead of his dad, Randy Martin who brought his #14 home in sixth. Kyle Bellm of Nixa, was seventh, past ASCS National Champion Zach Chappell claimed eighth after starting 16th, Jay Russell was ninth and Josh Fisher completed the top ten.

Four qualifying heat races in the ASCS Sprint Car division helped to set the field. Victories were claimed by Jason Johnson, Randy Hibbs, Chris Morgan and Corey Nelson. The B Feature event saw a lot of close racing action as well with California driver Tyler Blank bringing home the victory. Joining Blank in transferring to the main event were Ricky Stangl, tenth starting Lanny Carpenter and Nathan Ryun. The ASCS Warrior region will be making one more trip to Double-X on July 20th for the annual Clyde Wood Memorial race.

The Street Stock division saw some close racing in the field which provided excitement for the fans of fendered racing at Double-X. California driver John Clancy withstood challenges from Steve Beach, Cole Henson and Dale Berry before claiming the well earned victory. Beach would use a late race pass on the high side of the track to claim second over a strong third place run by Cole Henson, older brother Derek Henson followed in fourth with Berry coming home in fifth. Steve Dieckman was sixth, Chris Dunham seventh, Curt Turpin was eighth, Jake Dent finished in ninth and Blake Davidson rounded out the top ten. Heat races were won by Beach and Clancy.

Another large field of 600cc Micro Sprints were on hand to do battle atop the clay track to close out the weekend of racing. Marshall driver Brian Lunsford showed the way by claiming the victory over the large field of competitors. Surviving restarts he led the duration of the 20 lap event with a lot of racing going on behind him.

Travis Arnold of Pilot Grove had another good run finishing second, Ayrton Gennetten gave Arnold a strong run but came up third, fourth was Kameron Key of Warrensburg and Garret Williamson claimed fifth after starting 21st. Ryan Marsch was sixth, Scott Hathman was seventh, Mile Palus finished eighth, Stanley Kreisl started 22nd and finished ninth and Clayton Hisle came from 25th to finish tenth. Heat race checkered flags were taken by Quinton Benson, Lunsford and Key. The 600cc Micro Sprint will take a week off before returning to Double-X.

The Hobby Stock feature event was all Gage Wineland as he claimed another resounding victory in the feature event. Close racing behind the winner saw Mile Schrader prevail with a second place finish, Cole Canada ran third in his second visit to the track, Eddie Lavery III was fourth and Thursday night victor Will Register was fifth. Completing the sixth through tenth spots were Kevin Prall, Rodger Deatherage, Chuck Coffey, AJ Wirts and Laura Atkinson. Heat races were won by Prall and WIneland.

Next Sunday night is the “Race for Riley”, Riley Hudson Memorial Race. The Winged Sprint Cars, Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks will be joined by the ULMA Late Models for their second visit of the season. Riley’s favorite class was the Late Models and we hope to see a good field of the visiting stars on hand. There will also be a live auction at intermission and a portion of the proceeds are earmarked to go the Children’s Hospital in Columbia in Riley Hudson’s memory. Gates open at 5, Hot laps at 7, Racing at 7:30. For more info, follow Double-X on Facebook or call the track information line at (573) 796-4694.

Double X Speedway Results

ASCS Warrior Region Sprint Cars–

Feature Event–1. 28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia; 2. 41-Jason Johnson, Rocky Mount; 3. 81a-Chris Morgan, Topeka,KS; 4. 34-Corey Nelson, Eugene; 5. 4-Evan Martin, California; 6. 14-Randy Martin, California; 7. 86-Kyle Bellm, Nixa; 8. 00-Zach Chappell. Talala,OK; 9. 76-Jay Russell, Elwood,KS; 10. 72x-Josh Fisher, Jefferson City, MO; 11. 15-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg; 12. 24c-Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg; 13. 75-Tyler Blank, California; 14. 24s-Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit; 15. 1x-Brad Ryun, Higginsville; 16. 2a-Randy Hibbs, Savannah; 17. 92j-JR Topper, St. Joseph; 18. 18x-Nathan Ryun, Higginsville; 19. 27-Danny Thoman, Independence; 20. 3H-Brandon Hanks, Burleson,TN.

B-Feature–1. Blank; 2. Stangl; 3. Carpenter; 4. N. Ryun; 5. 7a-Paul Solomon, Melbourne,AU; 6. 72-Curtis Boyer, New Haven; 7. 89-Todd McVay, Grain Valley; 8. 75x-Broc Elliott, California; 9. 99-Andrew Turley, Sedalia; 10. XX-AJ Wirts, California; 11. 10-Will Register, Sedalia; 12. 49-Tyler Elliott, California; 13. 65-TJ Miths, Sedalia; 14. 9-Casy Baker, Lone Jack; 15. 17w-Harli White, Lindsey,OK

Heat 1–1. Johnson; 2. Walton; 3. Topper; 4, Russell; 5. Blank; 6. B. Elliott; 7. Carpenter; 8. McVay

Heat 2–1. Hibbs; 2. E. Martin; 3. Cornell; 4. B. Ryun; 5. Muths; 6. Stangl; 7. Turley; 8. Register

Heat 3–1. Morgan; 2. Hanks; 3. R. Martin; 4. Fisher; 5. Chappell; 6. Boyer; 7. Solomon; 8. White

Heat 4–1. Nelson; 2. Bellm; 3. Thoman; 4. T. Elliott; 5. Baker; 6. N. Ryun; 7. Wirts

 600cc Micro Sprints

Feature–1. 8-Brian Lunsford, Marshall; 2. 75a-Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove; 3. 44-Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles; 4. 7jr-Kameron Key, Warrensburg; 5. 3g-Garrett Williamson, Columbia; 6. 2r-Ryan Marsch, Jefferson City; 7. 56-Scott Hathman, Columbia; 8. 98p-Miles Paulus, Marshall; 9. 18- Stanley Kreisel, Warsaw; 11. 88-Jimmy Dowell, Wooldridge; 12. 56h-Dean Hathman, Columbia; 13. 15-Kaitlin Boland, Columbia; 14. 3j-Jordan Howell, Columbia; 15. 32-Jamie Kelz, Marshall; 16. 49-Ben Brown, Marshall; 17. 07-Tom Sydnor, Holts Summit; 18. 749-Kyle Schlotz, Jefferson City; 19. 3k-Kyle Spry, Columbia; 20. 9s-Nick Schaefer, Marshall; 21. 35b-Dwayne Benson, Sweet Springs; 22. 26b-Nick Rasa, Sedalia; 23. 15k-Chris Koch, Sweet Springs; 24. 15b- Quinton Benson, Sweet Springs; 25. 75e-Bailey Elliott, California; 26. 92-Brian Wood, California

Heat 1–1. Q. Benson; 2. Arnold; 3. D. Hathman; 4. Schaefer; 5. Howell; 6. Boland; 7. Schlotz; 8. Kreisel; 9. Hisle

Heat 2–1. Lunsford; 2. Spry; 3. Marsch; 4. Paulus; 5. Rasa; 6. Dowell; 7. Brown; 8. Sydnor; 9. Elliott

Heat 3–1. Key; 2. Gennetten; 3. S. Hathman; 4. Koch; 5. D. Benson; 6. Kelz; 7. Williamson; 8. Wood

Street Stock

Feature–1. 8-John Clancy, California; 2. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon; 3. 31c-Cole Henson, Russellville; 4. 27d-Derek Henson; Russellville; 5. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscunbia; 6. 24-Steve Dieckman, Centralia; 7. 14d-Chris Dunham, California; 8. 15-Curt Turpin, Jefferson City; 9. 38-Jake Dent, California; 10. B-Blake Davidson, Mokane; 11. 95-Johnny Wyman, Fulton; 12. 29-Harlan DOwell, Tipton (DNS)

Heat 1–1. Beach; 2. Dunham; 3. D.Henson; 4. Turpin; 5. Dent; 6. Dowell

Heat 2–1. Clancy; 2. C. Henson; 3. Berry; 4. Wyman; 5. Dieckman; 6. Davidson

Hobby Stock

Feature–1. 12g-Gage Wineland, Syracuse; 2. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia; 3. 10x-Cole Canada, Fulton; 4. 4-Eddie Lavery III, Tipton; 5. 77-Will Register, Sedalia; 6. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 7. 88-Rodger Deatherage, Windsor; 8. 171-Chuck Coffey, Windsor; 9. XX-AJ Wirts, California; 10. 4a-Laura Atkinson, ELdon; 11. 8-Bryan ALumbaugh, Tipton; 12. 2x-Rudy Wirts, California; 13. X-Tucker Woodard, Boonville (DNS)

Heat 1–1. Prall; 2. Schrader; 3. Coffey; 4. A. Wirts; 5. Atkinson; 6. Woodard; 7. R. Wirts

Heat 2–1. Wineland; 2. Canada; 3. Deatherage; 4. Lavery III; 5. Register; 6. Alumbaugh

In the photo: Sedalia Missouri’s Jonathan Cornell celebrates his 2014 ASCS “Red, White, & Blue Tour” Championship victory at Double-X Speedway in California, Mo. Photo by track photographer Carol Wirts


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