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Cornell takes checkereds at XX Speedway

June 24, 2014

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CornellWebBy Dean Reichel
Double X Speedway

June 22, 2014

After two weeks of mother nature watering down the racing at Double X Speedway in California she tried to make her presence known a third time but it was not to be as the racing action was completed before the rain arrived. The talk of the night was the arrival of some out of town invaders into the winged sprint car ranks, ready to tackle the weekly cars and stars of the Double-X ranks.

With nationally known Casey Shuman on hand along with regional stars Harli White and Aaron Reutzel also signed in, fans were dealt some quality racing action. As the qualifying heats for the Midwest Speed Shop winged sprint cars rolled off it was local driver Tyler Blank claiming heat #1 in his familiar 75 machine.

The second heat saw another familiar face claiming the checkered flag as Jonathan Cornell out ran Aaron Reutzel to claim the victory. The third heat race saw invader Harli White claim a solid victory over the field. These three would start in the first three spots for the feature event. With Blank, Cornell and White leading the field to the green, the first start was called back for the car of TJ Muths bringing out the yellow. A second start saw Cornell take the lead over Blank and third running White.

However on lap two. White would spin out, relegating her to restart at the tail of the 22 car field. Cornell was masterful in his attack on the high side of the quarter mile oval, threading the needle around and through lapped traffic to hold the lead for the entire 25 laps. Withstanding restarts including a lap nine red for the #77 of Kyle Bellm, who made contact with the wall coming out of turn two and tipped over at the head of the back stretch. Bellm was able to walk away, however his JHR machine was finished for the night. On lap ten, third running Aaron Reutzel take second from Blank but Blank fought back two laps later with a crossover move in turns three and four to reclaim second position.

As the leaders encountered lapped traffic they would remain in the running order until the checkered flag was waved. Following the cars of Cornell, Blank and Reutzel were, Randy Martin in fourth, Bryan Grimes in fifth, Lanny Carpenter in sixth, Tyler Elliott placed a strong seventh, Corey Nelson was eighth, TJ Muths recovered from the opening lap mishap to claim ninth and Taylor Walton rounded out the top ten.

The ULMA Late Models made their first of two visits to Double-X with Phil Edmondson making the long tow from Marionville, MO to pick up his second ULMA victory of the weekend. Edmondson picked up the win on Friday night at Callway Raceways in Fulton and put a bookend on the weekend Sunday night in victory lane at Double-X. Justin Russell overcame mechanical issues earlier in the evening to claim second by the slimmest of margins over hard charging Gage Wineland who came in third. Chris Cox was fourth, Bob Cummings was fifth, Danny Lorton claimed sixth and Jared Schales rounded out the field. Chris Cox claimed the qualifying heat. The ULMA Late Models will return July 13th for the second visit of the season.

Quality Used Cars Street Stock class had fifteen drivers make the call for the feature event, which had to be shortened due to the time limit expiring. This is the first time in many season that the drivers could not complete the fiftenn laps in the twenty minutes allowed for the event. The driver in the righyt spot at the right time was Eldon veteran Steve Beach who debuted a new car and claimed the victory. Ted Welschmeyer was second, John Clancy Jr. was third, Derek Henson made his return to Double X and ran fourth, Dale Berry was fifth, Curt Turpin was sixth and Cole Henson was seventh. Harlan Dowell Jr. and Tim Cressly claimed the heat race victories.

In the the B-W Graphics Hobby Stock class, Gage Wineland claimed another feature win in decisive fashion over the rest of the field. Will Register was second, Eddie Lavery III was third, Kevin Prall came in fourth and Cole Canada claimed fifth in his first appearance at Double-X. Fininshing sixth was Chuck Coffey, seventh A.J. Wirts, eighth went to Mike Schrader, ninth to Larry Dickson and Tucker Woodard wounded out the top ten. Wineland and Prall claimed the heat races in the division.

Be sure to join us next Sunday night at Double-X as the 25th season continues. Also that night will be the TJ Muths “Racing for a Reason” bringing forth the awareness of Autism. Several fund-raising events will be held so be sure to be in attendance.



Feature– 1. 10, Steve Beach, Eldon, 2. 21W, Ted Welschmeyer, Tebbetts, 3. 8, John Clancy Jr. , California, 4. 27D, Derek Henson, Russellville, 5. 05, Dale Berry, Tuscymbia, 6. 15, Curt Turpin, Jefferson City, 7. 31C, Cole Henson, Russellville, 8. 71, Destiny Dowell, Tipton, 9. 14D, Chris Dunham, California, 10. B, Blake Davidson, Mokane, 11. 52J, James Keeran, California, 12. 002, Tim Cressley, Tipton, 13. 29, Harlan Dowell, Jr., Tipton, 14. 44, Brandon Dunham, California (DNS)

Heat 1–1. H. Dowell, 2. C. Dunham, 3. Welschmeyer, 4. D. Henson, 5. Davidson, 6. Turpin, 7. C. Henson (DNS)

Heat 2 –1. Cressley, 2. Beach, 3. Berry, 4. Clancy, 5. D. Dowell, 6. Keeran, 7. B. Dunham (DNS)

B-W GRAPHICS – Hobby Stocks

Feature–1. 12G, Gage Wineland, Syracuse, 2. 77, Will Register, Sedalia, 3. 4, Eddie Lavery III, Tipton, 4. 14, Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 5. 10X, Cole Canada, Fulton, 6. 171, Chuck Coffey, Windsor, 7. XX, AJ Wirts, California, 8. 11, Mike Schrader, Sedalia, 9. 34, Larry Dickson, Bunceton, 10. X, Tucker Woodard, Boonville, 11. 4A, Laura Atkinson, Eldon, 12. 2X, Rudy Wirts, California, 13. 88, Rodger Deatherage, Windsor (DNS)

Heat 1–1. WIneland, 2. Canada, 3. Schrader, 4. Register, 5. Lavery III, 6. Dickson, 7. A. Wirts

Heat 2–1. Prall, 2. Deatherage, 3. Coffey, 4. Woodard, 5. Atkinson, 6. R, Wirts

ULMA Late Models

Feature–1. 7E, Phil Edmondson, Marionville, 2. 0X, Justin Russell, Henley, 3. 12G, Gage Wineland, Syracuse, 4. 1T, Chris Cox, Jefferson City, 5. 6, Bob Cummings, Sedalia, 6. 27, Danny Lorton, Moberly, 7. 3, Jared Schales, Normann

Heat–1. Cox, 2. Edmondson, 3. Lorton, 4. Cummings, 5. Schales, 6. Wineland, 7. Russell

MIDWEST SPEED SHOP – Winged Sprint Cars

Feature–1. 28, Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia, 2. 75, Tyler Blank, California, 3. 87 Aaron Reutzel, Clute, TX, 4. 0, Randy Martin, California, 5. 31C, Bryan Grimes, Slater, 6. 24C, Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg, 7. 49, Tyler Elliott, California, 8. 34, Corey Nelson, Eugene. 9. 65, TJ Muths, Sedalia, 10. 15, Taylor Walton, Warrensburg, 11. 00, Casey Shuman, Phoenix, AZ, 12. 17W, Harli White, Lindsay, OK, 13. 24, Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit, 14. 75E, Broc Elliott, California, 15. 49B, Ben Brown, Marshall, 16. 48, David Brown, Marshall, 17. 10, Will Register, Sedalia, 18. XX, AJ Wirts, California, 19. 18X Nathan Ryun, Higginsville, 20. 1X, Brad Ryun, Higginsville, 21. 77, Kyle Bellm, Nixa, 22. 58, Gary Floyd, San Angelo, TX.

Heat 1–1. Blank, 2. Grimes, 3. B. Ryun, 4. Stangl, 5. B. Elliott, 6. B. Brown, 7. Register, 8. Wirts

Heat 2–1. Cornell, 2. Reutzel, 3. Martin, 4. Nelson, 5. Walton, 6. D. Brown, 7. N. Ryun

Heat 3–1. White, 2. Carpenter, 3. T. Elliott, 4. Muths, 5. Bellm, 6. Shuman, 7. Floyd –Submitted photo


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