Travelers take 10-1 win over Griffins

June 21, 2014

in Sports

Traveler-Griffon-16The Sedalia Travelers Senior Legion Post 642 grabbed a win from the Griffins, 10-1, on Saturday in the first game of the day in the three-day tournament the Travelers hosted last weekend at Dey Field at Liberty Park Stadium. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.



Traveler-Griffon-15 Traveler-Griffon-1 Traveler-Griffon-2 Traveler-Griffon-3 Traveler-Griffon-4 Traveler-Griffon-5 Traveler-Griffon-6 Traveler-Griffon-7 Traveler-Griffon-8 Traveler-Griffon-9 Traveler-Griffon-10 Traveler-Griffon-11 Traveler-Griffon-12 Traveler-Griffon-13 Traveler-Griffon-14

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