Stribling announces $1 million expansion

June 18, 2014

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Stribling-4Economic Development Sedalia-Pettis County joined officials from Stribling, Inc., to celebrate the announcement of an expansion for the company in Sedalia.

Stribling Packaging, LLC, Inc., of Rogers, Ark., is planning a $1 million expansion to their existing facility. The expansion will include a 42,000 square foot addition to the existing facility. This expansion will bring their total square footage to 72,000 square feet. In addition to the three employees currently employed at the facility, Stribling is expected to hire 2-3 additional employees.

Stribling Packaging began their operations in 1998 at 107 Curry Drive, in the Thompson Meadows Industrial Park, Sedalia.

“At the time we built our current 30,000 square foot facility we never expected we would outgrow that facility in 15 years and need to expand it. However, that is a nice problem to have,” stated Bill Stribling, owner.

“We love to grow our business and this is a great place to do so. Stribling owes a lot of our growth to our customers, our employees, the business-friendly environment and the cooperation of our local partners. In Sedalia we enjoy a great atmosphere for our company,” added Stribling.

“We are pleased to, once again, have this growth from one of our companies,” said Economic Development Board President Rusty Kahrs. “Our existing companies will continue to be the foundation of our community.”

“The expansion of Stribling is a tremendous addition to the community of Sedalia,” said Sedalia Mayor Steve Galliher. “Our warehouse and distribution companies are a huge part of the growth we are experiencing by provide needed customer service to our manufacturing sector.”

At the announcement, Mayor Galliher noted Linda Christle’s philosophy of taking care of existing industry in the county and added, “We appreciate you reinvesting in our community,” he told Stribling.

“On behalf of the 42,201 residents and the County Commission, we thank you for the reinvestment that you’re making now,” stated Pettis County Presiding Commissioner John Meehan.

State Rep Dean Dohrman  also thanked the Stribling company for its planned expansion and for believing in Pettis County. “We have a team atmosphere here. All the laws in Jeff City don’t matter if you don’t use them. And they’re used very well here in Pettis County,” he said.

In addition to the benefit to the community, the addition of 2-3 more jobs is welcome in Sedalia, noted State Rep Stanley Cox. “I think we at the local level have done a wonderful job of creating an environment, and I’m confident even in the absence of Stanley Cox that the  House and Senate in Missouri will continue to make changes to make Missouri an even better business climate,” he said.

Terry Maglich, senior project manager for the State Department of Economic Development, thanked Stribling, Pettis County and Sedalia for bringing jobs to the area to sustain economic growth. “I also come from the private sector, both industrial and consumer products, and I know the importance of packaging, and I also know how very competitive (the market) is,” Maglich said. “For this community to provide that type of environment that I heard Mr. Stribling speaking of, allows his company the real advantage to growth and knowing what it’s going to cost them and how they can plan for that and how their decision is made much easier because of this community’s decision to have an Enhanced Enterprise Zone (EEZ) is a real benefit to everyone,” he stated.

The Central EEZ was created in November, 2005. And as of June 2013, nearly $227 million in investments and over 1,600 jobs were created in the zone, with an annual wage of almost $41,000 and a cumulative annual total wage of almost $66 million.

Mr. Stribling and Sedalia Plant Manager Bob Simon accepted a plaque of appreciation from Kahrs to conclude the announcement on Wednesday morning.

The company was founded in 1984 in Rogers, Arkansas. A completion date for the expansion at the Sedalia plant is Nov. 15, according to Simon. “We were pushing the walls out; we had to expand,” Simon said of the need to enlarge the facility at the industrial park.

Economic Development Sedalia–Pettis County, the City of Sedalia, and Pettis County officials partnered with Stribling, Inc. to make its expansion possible.

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