Mo State Fair previews 2014 Fair

June 13, 2014

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MSF-kickoff-28The kickoff party for the 112th Missouri State Fair was held Thursday afternoon at the Lowell Mohler Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. The 2014 Missouri State Fair run Aug, 7-17. For more information, visit

Tickets to the Missouri State Fair Pepsi Grandstand concerts and events will go on sale through Ticketmaster starting at 9 a.m. Monday, June 16. The fairgrounds’ box office will open at noon Wednesday, June 18. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.


MSF-kickoff-1 MSF-kickoff-2 MSF-kickoff-3 MSF-kickoff-4 MSF-kickoff-5 MSF-kickoff-6 MSF-kickoff-7 MSF-kickoff-8 MSF-kickoff-9 MSF-kickoff-10 MSF-kickoff-11 MSF-kickoff-12 MSF-kickoff-13 MSF-kickoff-14 MSF-kickoff-15 MSF-kickoff-16 MSF-kickoff-17 MSF-kickoff-18 MSF-kickoff-19 MSF-kickoff-20 MSF-kickoff-21 MSF-kickoff-22 MSF-kickoff-23 MSF-kickoff-24 MSF-kickoff-25 MSF-kickoff-26 MSF-kickoff-27MSF-kickoff-28 MSF-kickoff-29 MSF-kickoff-30 MSF-kickoff-31

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