Real Estate 6-3-14

June 3, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleThe Pettis County Recorder of Deeds has released these recent real estate transactions:

• Julie Lynn Hill, personal representative, and estate of Benny Keith Townsend to Tyler and Chelsi Warren, representative’s deed.

Joshua S. and Deanna Twenter to Joshua S. and Deanna Twenter and Stephen L. Twenter, quit claim deed.

• Dow Construction LLC to Charles R. and Sarah R. Tippie, warranty deed.

• Sandra K. Riley and John H. Smith to John H. Smith and Sandra K. Riley, warranty deed.

• Michelle R. Salyer to Wells Fargo Bank NA, foreclosure deed.

• Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, warranty deed.

• Rayford O. Thompson III and Cathleen J. Thompson to Jason M. and Maria N. Christianson, warranty deed.

• Kristine K. Bohon and Vincent Joe Shoemaker to William P. Cantara, warranty deed.

• Betica D. and Gary L. Asbury to Substitute Trustee Corp. and Bank of America National Association, fore-closure deed.

• Sammy G. and M. Diane Mehan to Dennis and Rebecca Hudson and Randall and Melinda Hudson, quit claim deed.

• Six Oaks Investments LLC to Pettis County Ambulance District, warranty deed.

• David Lee Smith, trustee, and Lobaugh Family Trust to James W. and Moniqua L. Bullock, trustee’s deed.

• Elizabeth Ann Sinn, trustee, and John T. Bronson Revocable Living Trust to Ivan R. Ream, trustee, Linda L. Ream, trustee, Alan R. Ream, trustee, Alan and Shari J. Ream Trust, Ivan and Linda Ream Trust and Shari J. Ream Trust, trustee’s deed.

• Robert D. and Ann T. Turner to Nikolais and Natalie Berzskalns, warranty deed.

• Roger P. and Vicki L. Eckerle to James A. Rangtisch Jr., warranty deed.

• Jack D. and Judith H. Robinson to Austin A. Stovall Jr. and Ann C. Stovall, warranty deed.

• Johnson Farms Inc., to Bryan P. and Elaine J. Beaunoyer, warranty deed.

• Charles W. and Edna Jean Opfer and Opfer Family Trust to Opfer Family Trust, Charles W. Opfer, trustee and Edna J. Opfer, trustee, quit claim deed.

• Charles W. Opfer, trustee, and Opfer Family Trust to Charles E. Opfer, trustee’s deed.

• Ralph H. Kreisel Sr. and Helen P. Kreisel to Ralph H. Kreisel Sr., trustee, and Kreisel Family Trust, warranty deed.

• John William and Patricia Robb to Larry G. and Cora J. Flores, warranty deed.

• Glenn D. Shoemaker Jr. and Amber Shoemaker to Glenn D. Shoemaker Jr., quit claim deed.

• Larry Walter and Helen E. Arnold to Terry Cockrell, warranty deed.

• Timothy E. and Gina L. Doogs to Charles A. and Janet L. Vose, warranty deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Nolan R. and Brenda K. Simon to Mellon Bank of New York, foreclosure deed.

• Oleksandor and Alona Shershyn to Matt and Kimberly J. Wheeler, warranty deed.

• Walter E. and Dorothy Rogers to Walter E. Rogers, quit claim deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC, John P. and Christina M. Braxton to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., foreclosure deed.

• Collins Family Trust to Nicole Lea Cashman, warranty deed.

• US Bank National Association to Andrew C. Burel, warranty deed.

• Gordon S. Reickhoff, trustee, Kimberly A. Reickhoff, trustee and Gordon S. and Kimberly A. Reickhoff Revocable Trust to Benjamin Lee and Brittany Anne Dresel, trustee’s deed.

• Paul A. Albin to Bank of America National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Walter S. Eichler to Kevin and Sarah Grose, warranty deed.

• Aleksandor and Olga Kapitula to Kevin and Sarah Grose, warranty deed.

• Vitaliy and Yelizaveta Dub to Clarence P. and Tamora B. Luchini, warranty deed.

• Kristina J. Wright to Brandon L. Wright, quit claim deed.

• Peggy L. Stapley to William L. and Vera G. Harrison, quit claim deed.

• Luis Roberto Vallee Grant and Hannah Vallee and Luis Roberto Grant Vallee to GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, warranty deed.

• GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to Brett R. and Kelly Hieronymus, warranty deed.

• Barbara Jean Priesmeyer to Keele Brothers LLC, warranty deed.

• Stephen D. and Suzanne S. Lee to Gerald S. and Glenda R. Fudge, warranty deed.

• Martha Straka, trustee and Martha Strake Declaration of Trust to Linda Sue Boe, trustee’s deed.

• Sharon A. Kiesel, trustee and Kiesel Family Trust to Charles S. and Rebecca J . Cook, trustee’s deed.


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