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Johnson takes feature event at XX Speedway

May 27, 2014

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XXspeedwayBy Dean Reichel
Double X Speedway

This past Sunday night’s edition of Sunday Night Thunder at Double X Speedway was the “Tribute to Jesse and Daniel,” the annual race remembering the late Jesse Hockett and Daniel McMillan, two members of the racing family that called the California track home. This year it was also a night to remember a young man who was a part of the local racing community Cory Weirman, a friend and relative of many racers, officials and fans at Double X. A bond between the families and friends of these young racers was formed Sunday night as memorials were conducted for them and the Hockett family reached out to Cory’s family in a most generous and touching way. As one member of the Hockett family said, “We are all family in racing.”

The racing action would have made all proud and we know they were watching over as some of the best in the ASCS Warrior Sprint Car ranks were on hand. After the top sixteen in passing points were set by the heat race action, eight young race fans were paired up with the top eight drivers to draw for their starting position in the feature event. Jonathan Cornell’s partner drew #1 setting him on the pole for the start of the feature event. Adding to the excitement was the opportunity for a driver to make some extra money by accepting the “Hockett Style” Challenge. Racers and fans contributed $950 to the driver who would accept the challenge of starting at the tail of the field and racing their way to the front the way Jesse Hockett did in his final race which happened at Double-X.

Jonathan Cornell respectfully declined the opportunity so the chance went to fellow front row starter Josh Fisher who accepted the challenge and the cash. After this the lineup changed to put hard charging Jason Johnson alongside Cornell on the front row. At the drop of the green, Johnson took the point with Cornell and the remaining field racing hard behind him. While JJ kept the Ricky Stenhouse Racing #41 on the cushion and opened his lead, several drivers were making moves and racing through the field. After a lap six restart the running order was Johnson, Cornell and Kyle Bellm in the JHR #77. Cornell would retire to the pits on lap 8, and by lap ten Johnson was being trailed by twelfth starting Randy Martin, Bellm, Evan Martin and Cody Baker.

The leaders set a quick pace for the next few laps until the red was displayed for the car of Corey Nelson who overturned in turn one. On the restart Johnson continued the lead with Randy Martin, Bellm, Evan Martin and Jay Russell completing the top five. After a lap 20 caution for the “Hockett Challenge” starter Josh Fisher who had advanced to eighth from shotgun on the field, Bellm used a power move on the high side in turns one and two to take second from Randy Martin. Over the remaining ten laps positions in the field would juggle but “The Ragin’ Cajun” Jason Johnson would take the victory.

Following the fleet #41 under the checkered flag were Kylke Bellm in the JHR #77, Randy Martin in John Thoenen’s #0, The #76 of Jay Russell and Bryan Grimes completed the top five in the McGarry #31. Taking the sixth through tenth positions respectively were Evan Martin, Cody Baker, Lanny Carpenter, TJ Muths and JR Topper. Heat Races for the ASCS Warriors were claimed by Cornell, Randy Hibbs, Bellm and Muths. Lanny Carpenter claimed a well earned victory in the B Feature and transferred to the A Main along with the following hard chargers Tyler Blank, Tyler Elliott and Brad Ryun.

Also in competition on this special race night were the always popular Street Stock cars. Harlan Dowell Jr. claimed the feature win but it was no cake walk for the Tipton driver. He survived race long challenges, first from veteran Dale Berry and then from Chris Dunham. At the finish Dowell persevered over Dunham, Tim Cressley, Berry and Johnny Wyman. There was racing from front to back in this event with drivers swapping positions throughout the race. Heat race victories were claimed by Cressley and Dowell.

In the Hobby Stock division Gage Wineland claimed his second victory of the weekend in two different cars. Wineland, who picked up his first career ULMA Late Model victory on Friday, put a bookend on the weekend by picking up the Hobby Stock feature at Double-X over Will Register. Following this lead duo under the flag were Kevin Prall, Eddie Lavery III, and Mike Schrader in the top five. Heat race wins were taken by Wineland and Register.

The visiting support class for the evening were the Mid America Lightning Sprints. A familiar face in victory lane at Double-X, Phil Heavelow of Buckner, claimed the fifteen lap feature event being challenged by Mark Billings for the duration. Dusty Murry was third, Zach Morehead claimed fourth and Ryan Kent came home in fifth. Heat races were claimed by Billings and Heavelow.

The 25th season of Sunday Night Thunder at Double-X Speedway continues next Sunday evening. Be sure to join us for a family friendly evening of dirt track racing in the Heart of Missouri.

Double X Speedway Results:

May 25, 2014

ASCS Warrior Sprint Cars–(30 cars)

A Feature Event: 1. 41-Jason Johnson, Rocky Mount; 2. 77-Kyle Bellm, Nixa; 3. 0-Randy Martin, California; 4. 76-Jay Russell, Elwood,KS; 5. 31-Bryan Grimes, Slater; 6. 4-Evan Martin, California; 7. 38-Cody Baker, Lone Jack; 8. 24c-Lanny Carpenter; Clarksburg; 9. 65-TJ Muths, Sedalia; 10. 92j- JR Topper, St. Joseph; 11. 9- Casey Baker, Lone Jack; 12. 72x- Josh Fisher, Jefferson City; 13. 04-Brad Graham, Springfield; 14. 34-Corey Nelson, Eugene; 15. 9m-Tyler Elliott, California; 16. 28-Jonathan Cornell; 17. 1x-Bradley Ryun, Higginsville; 18. 75-Tyler Blank, California; 19. 2a- Randy Hibbs, Savannah; 20. 24s-Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit.

B Feature Event: 1. Carpenter; 2.Blank; 3. Elliott; 4. Ryun; 5. 5-Matt Close, LaMonte; 6. 75x-Broc Elliott, California; 7. 50-Michael Sosebee, Lenexa,KS; 8. 72-Curtis Boyer, New Haven; 9. 69p-Mike Pearson, California; 10. 89-Todd McVay, Grain Valley; 11. 00-PJ Grimes, Otterville; 12. XX-AJ Wirts, California; 13. 81a- Chris Morgan, Topeka, KS; 14. 7K-Kelly Newcomb, Tipton

Heat 1–1. Cornell; 2. Johnson; 3. Russell; 4. R. Martin; 5. Carpenter; 6. Sosebee; 7. Blank; 8. Morgan

Heat 2–1. Hibbs; 2. Fisher; 3. Nelson; 4. Cody Baker; 5. Boyer; 6. T. Elliott; 7. PJ Grimes

Heat 3–1. Bellm; 2. Stangl; 3. B. Grimes; 4. Casey Baker; 5. Pearson; 6. Wirts; 7. McVay

Heat 4–1. Muths; 2. E. Martin; 3. Graham; 4. Topper; 5. Close; 6. Ryun; 7. B. Elliott

 Street Stocks:

Feature–1. 29-Harlan Dowell,Jr. Tipton; 2. 14D-Chris Dunham, California; 3. 002-Tim Cressley, Tipton; 4. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 5. 95-Johnny Wyman, Fulton; 6. 15-Curt Turpin, Jefferson City; 7. 8-John Clancy,Jr. California;8. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon; 9. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville; 10. 43-Dylan Bias, Centertown.

Heat 1–1. Cressley; 2. Dunham; 3. Henson; 4. Clancy; 5. Bias

Heat 2–1. Dowell; 2. Berry; 3. Beach; 4. Wyman; 5. Turpin

Hobby Stocks:

Feature–1. 12g-Gage Wineldand, Syracuse; 2. 77-Will Register, Sedalia; 3. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 4. 4-Eddie Lavery III, Tipton: 5. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia; 6. 3-Jeff Buford, Alma; 7. X-Jacob Hardy, Green Ridge; 8. 14x-Zack Smith, Centertown; 9. 4A-Laura Atkinson, Eldon; 10. 09R-Joe Reed, Tipton; 11. 34-Larry Dickson, Bunceton; 12. 2x-Rudy Wirts, Califirnia; 13. XX-AJ Wirts, California

Heat 1–1. Wineland; 2. Schrader; 3. Dixon; 4. Lavery III; 5. Hardy; 6. R. Wirts

Heat 2–1. Register; 2. Prall; 3. Buford; 4. Smith; 5. Atkinson; 6. Reed; 7. A Wirts

Mid American Lightning Sprints:

Feature–1. 44-Phil Heavelow, Buckner; 2. 60e-Mark Billings, Columbia; 3. 46m-Dusty Murry, Kansas City MO; 4. z8-Zach Morehead, Grain Valley; 5. 30-Ryan Kent, Blue Springs; 6. 48m-Rick Murcko, Iola KS; 7. 15H-Tony Hudlin, Iola, KS; 8. 3b-Dallas Sales, Mt. Vernon

Heat 1–1. Billings; 2. Morehead; 3. Kent; 4. Murcko; 5. Sales

Heat 2–1. Heavelow; 2. Murry; 3. Hudlin; 4. Schofield

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