Skyline takes District title away from Bluebirds

May 22, 2014

in Sports

CC-Skyline-20The Cole Camp Bluebirds were defeated by the Skyline Tigers, 15-5, at Lincoln on Wednesday evening. Cole Camp took second while Skyline won the Class 2, District 13 title. The Bluebirds ended their baseball season with a 10-13 record. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.



CC-Skyline-1 CC-Skyline-2 CC-Skyline-3 CC-Skyline-4 CC-Skyline-5 CC-Skyline-6 CC-Skyline-7 CC-Skyline-8 CC-Skyline-9 CC-Skyline-10 CC-Skyline-11 CC-Skyline-12 CC-Skyline-13 CC-Skyline-14 CC-Skyline-15 CC-Skyline-16 CC-Skyline-17 CC-Skyline-18 CC-Skyline-19CC-Skyline-21 CC-Skyline-22 CC-Skyline-23 CC-Skyline-24 CC-Skyline-25 CC-Skyline-26 CC-Skyline-27 CC-Skyline-28

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