Parkview third graders bring living museum to life

May 22, 2014

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Parkview-22About 100 third graders at Parkview Elementary School participated in a living museum project in the School gym on Thursday. Each student picked a historical figure to portray, did their own research, filled out a bio sheet and gathered props and costumes for the event. And when a “button” on the back of their hand was pushed, they began to tell about the life of their chosen historical character.

Students have been preparing for the living museum since early May after MAP testing was completed. They performed for parents in the morning and for fellow students and Sedalia School District 200 administrators in the afternoon. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

Parkview-21Parkview-20 Parkview-1 Parkview-2 Parkview-3 Parkview-4 Parkview-5 Parkview-6 Parkview-7 Parkview-8 Parkview-9 Parkview-10 Parkview-11 Parkview-12 Parkview-13 Parkview-14 Parkview-15 Parkview-16 Parkview-17 Parkview-18 Parkview-19Parkview-23Parkview-24Parkview-25Parkview-26 Parkview-27 Parkview-28 Parkview-29Parkview-30 Parkview-31 Parkview-32 Parkview-33 Parkview-34Parkview-35 Parkview-36Parkview-37Parkview-38Parkview-39Parkview-40

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