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KCP&L shares ‘shocking’ tips during National Electrical Safety Month

May 21, 2014

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KCP&LKansas City, Mo. – April showers bring more than just May flowers. They also bring the reminder that storm season is upon us and that it is time to brush on electrical safety tips. Because May is National Electrical Safety Month here are just a few tips to make sure everyone stays safe.

Safety Tips

Indoor safety tips include:

• Unplug appliances and tools when not in use. Pull by the plug, not the cord.

• Don’t overload outlets and be smart about how you use extension cords. Avoid stringing multiple cords together or running them through areas where they might become worn or severed.

• Make sure light bulbs are the right wattage for the fixture.

Outdoor safety tips include:

• Ladders and power lines don’t mix. When carrying a ladder, always look up to ensure you don’t make contact with a power line. Be aware of power lines coming into your home before you climb a ladder. If possible use a fiberglass or wooden ladder when working around the house.

• Never touch downed power lines or use anything to try to move them. You risk electric shock or electrocution.

• Before you dig or excavate for any planting or improvement project, protect yourself and avoid costly utility interruptions. Call 8-1-1 before you dig to get the location of all underground utilities.

“Safety is our top priority at KCP&L,” said Marvin Rollison, KCP&L vice president of Safety and Corporate Services. “These recommended tips help to ensure our customers stay vigilant and safe around electricity.”

Safety Contest

Also during National Electrical Safety Month, KCP&L enlisted the help of customers to spread the message of safety through the second annual KCP&L Be Safe Video Contest.


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