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May 20, 2014

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FavTrip-1By Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

Within the next week Fav Trip will be expanding their services from gas and convenience store items to opening their very own food truck. Fav Trip opened for business in Sedalia at the beginning of 2012 and they see the opening of the Fav Trip Rolling Café as the next logical step in expanding their business. Fav Trip is located at 216 W. Broadway and they are open 24 hours.

Fav Trip is owned and operated by Mohammed Sazad and Babir Sultan and the Weekly Observer had a chance to speak with Sazad about the reason behind opening the Fav Trip Rolling Café.

“We have been working on this for the past six months. We are trying to bring in a big city vibe to Sedalia. We thought because of the size of Sedalia, and also because some of the competition has full size kitchens, we thought that we could compete on that level,” Sazad said.

Sazad was asked when the Fav Trip Rolling Café was expected to open and where they expect to operate.

“Hopefully this weekend, probably sooner, but we want to play it safe. Mostly we will be located here, but we will be at some of the bars on the weekends. Really, we will be available for any business that may want us,” Sazad said.

He added, “A lot of our customers requested that we carry hot food, and as you know, we are limited on space and we thought this would be the best remedy for our problem.”

The Fav Trip Rolling Café will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We wanted to start off slowly and expand our hours as business increases. With being open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. we could get the lunch crowd and an early evening crowd as well,” Sazad said of the hours of operation.

The Fav Trip Rolling Café will serve a variety of foods including gyros, hot dogs, hamburgers and wraps. As time goes on they will introuduce a variety of side dishes including fries, cole slaw and potato salad.

Sazad was asked if he has someone to handle many of the food truck duties.

“Dave Hamby will be running the Fav Trip Rolling Café. Dave is awesome. He took a lot of initiative and played a major part in making this happen. He is very passionate about it,” Sazad said.

Recently Fav Trip began the RoyalLoyal app to offer their customers rewards for being loyal customers.

“The app is available for Android and it is also available for download on i-tunes. People can use the app to receive rewards, coupons and special deals,” Sazad said.

If any company or business would like to make inquiries about the Fav Trip Rolling Café, they may call Mohammed at (660) 851-0450.

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