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Jason Johnson claims victory at Double-X Speedway

May 19, 2014

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JJohnson0472May 18, 2014

Sunday Night Thunder at Double X Speedway continues to impress those in attendance as each week fans can leave the track in wonder at what they see take place on the clay oval. The May 18, edition did not disappoint as a very large turnout of competitors swelled the pit area. Leading off the feature line up were the Street Stock cars and stars. Long time competitors Dale Berry and Ted Welschmeyer led the field to the start and after one lap the running order of the top three was Berry, Harlan Dowell and Welschmeyer. The trio would set a rapid pace over the next handful of laps until the 21W of Welschmeyer would slow due to a malfunction and retire to the pit area as the yellow flag was displayed for the stalled car of Curt Turpin in turn one. On the restart Berry again opened a lead on the field and would hold the advantage until the checkered flag. Following Berry at the flag were Dowell, John Clancy, Jr., Johnny Wyman and Steve Beach. Finishing in the sixth through tenth spots were Cole Henson, Chris Dunham, Curt Turpin, Mark Davis and Welschmeyer. Qualifying heat races were won by Berry and Welschmeyer.

The Hobby Stock class saw the Gage Wineland pick up his second win of the season. Wineland was pressured throughout the feature event by runner up Will Register. Kevin Prall picked up the show placing in third, last week’s feature winner Mike Schrader was fourth and Chuck Coffey was fifth. Sixth through tenth were claimed by Larry Dickson, Joe Reed, Jacob Hardy, Katie Goodson and Jeremiah Wallingford. Heat race victories were claimed by Reed and Wineland. The car count continues to grow in this class providing racing all through the pack for the fans.

In the 600cc Micro Sprint feature event, Sweet Springs driver Quinton Benson was not to be denied as he claimed the top spot in convincing fashion. Benson was followed to the checkered by third generation driver Ayrton Gennetten, Kyle Spry, Dean Hathman and last week’s non wing winner Brian Lunsford came home fifth with the sail back on the car. Rounding out the top ten were Scott Hathman, Kyle Schlotz, Arron Smith, Nick Schaefer and Jimmy Dowell. Heat race victories were recorded by Gennetten and Benson.

The winged sprint cars saw 20 drivers check in through the pit gate Sunday evening with buzzing in anticipation to see in Kyle Bellm would be able to continue his winning streak or would someone new grace victory lane. After a well earned heat race victory over Jason Johnson, Bellm started the feature on the pole in the JHR #77. After an opening lap caution which claimed fellow front row starter TJ Muths and Danny Thoman, the field was reset two by two with Bellm and Johnson making up the front row. This was what JJ needed as he took the lead on lap one and held the advantage over the entire 25 lap main event. Bellm gave chase for much of the race closing on Johnson in lapped traffic but ultimately settled for third as a hard driving Jonathan Cornell would slip by on lap 23 to claim second. Cody Baker ran a consistent race to claim fourth and Taylor Walton was rewarded for his time spent in the shop this week as he claimed the fifth position. Josh Fisher was sixth, Randy Martin seventh, Brad Ryun eighth, Tyler Blank battled engine woes and claimed ninth and Ricky Stangl was tenth. Qualifying heats were won by Bellm, Muths and Cody Baker.

Next Sunday night, May 25th is the annual Double-X Speedway “Salute to Jesse” as we remember Jesse “The Rocket” Hockett with the first appearance of the ASCS Warrior Region Sprint Cars along with the weekly support classes. Be sure to join us for this yearly event.


Winged Sprint Cars–(20cars)

Feature--1. 41-Jason Johnson, Rocky Mount; 2. 28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia; 3. 77-Kyle Bellm, Nixa; 4. 38-Cody Baker, Lone Jack; 5. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg; 6. 72X-Josh Fisher, Jefferson City; 7.. 0-Randy Martin, California;8. 1X-Bradley Ryun, Higginsville; 9. 75- Tyler Blank, California; 10. 24-Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit; 11. 49-Tyler Elliott, California; 12. 5-Matt Close, LaMonte; 13. 9-Casey Baker, Lone Jack; 14. 8-Jeff Wingate, Centertown; 15. 49B-Ben Brown, Marshall; 16. 4-Evan Martin, California (DNF); 17. 34-Corey Nelson, Eugene (DNF); 18. 27-Danny Thoman, Lexington (DNF); 19. 65-TJ Muths, Sedalia (DNF); 20. 72-Curtis Boyer, New Haven (DNS)

Heat 1-1. Bellm; 2. Johnson; 3. Cornell; 4. Close; 5. Fisher; 6. Ryun (DNF) 7. Blank (DNS)

Heat 2-1. Muths; 2. Thoman; 3. Nelson; 4. Boyer; 5. Stangl; 6. Elliott; 7. E. Martin

Heat 3-1. Cody Baker; 2. R. Martin; 3. Walton; 4. Casey Baker; 5. Brown; 6. Wingate (DNF)

600cc Micro Sprints–(15 cars)

Feature– 1. 15B-Quinton Benson, Sweet Springs; 2. 44-Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles; 3. 3K-Kyle Spry, Columbia; 4. 56H-Dean Hathman, Columbia; 5. 8-Brian Lunsford, Marshall; 6. 56-Scott Hathman, Columbia; 7. 749-Kyle Schlotz, Jefferson City; 8. 75-Arron Smith; 9. 9S-Nick Schaefer, Marshall; 10. 88J-Jimmy Dowell, Wooldridge; 11. 07-Tom Sydnor, Holts Summit; 12. 3G-Garret Williamson, Columbia (DNF); 13. 75E-Bailey Elliott, California (DNF); 14. 3J-Jordan Howell, Columbia (DNF); 15. 37-Ethan Green, Wooldridge (DNF)

Heat 1-1. Gennetten; 2. D. Hathman; 3. Lunsford; 4. Schlotz; 5. Smith; 6. Sydnor; 7. Green; 8. Elliott (DNF)

Heat 2-1. Benson; 2. Spry; 3. Howell; 4. Schaefer; 5. S. Hathman; 6. Dowell; 7. Williamson

Hobby Stocks–(16 cars)

Feature–1. 12G-Gage Wineland, Syracuse; 2. 77-Will Register, Sedalia; 3. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 4. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia; 5. 171-Chuck Coffey, Windsor; 6. 34-Larry Dickson, Bunceton; 7. 09R-Joe Reed, Tipton; 8. X-Jacob Hardy, Green Ridge; 9. 15- Katie Goodson, Sedalia; 10. 84 Jeremiah Wallingford, Jamestown (DNF); 11. XX-AJ Wirts, California (DNF); 12. 4A-Laura Atkinson, Eldon (DNF); 13. 2X-Rudy Wirts, California (DNF); 14. 26-Doug Coffey, Windsor (DNF); 15. 88-Rodger Deatherage, Windsor (DNF); 16. 90R Racheal Crowder, Windsor (DNS)

Heat 1- 1. Reed; 2. C. Coffey; 3. AJ Wirts; 4. Deatherage (DNF); 5. Wallingford (DNF) 6. Hardy (DNF); 7. Atkinson (DNF); 8. Crowder (DNS)

Heat 2- 1. Wineland; 2. Register; 3. D. Coffey; 4. Schrader; 5. Prall; 6. Dickson; 7. Goodson; 8. R. Wirts (DNF)

Street Stocks–(11 cars)

Feature–1. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 2. 29-Harlan Dowell, Jr., Tipton; 3. 8-John Clancy Jr., California; 4. 95-Johnny Wyman, Fulton; 5. 10- Steve Beach, Eldon; 6. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville; 7. 14D-Chris Dunham, California; 8. 15-Curt Turpin, Jefferson City; 9. 56-Mark Davis, Grovespring; 10. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer, Tebbetts (DNF); 11. 71- Destiny Dowell, Tipton (DNS)

Heat 1- 1. Berry; 2. H. Dowell; 3. Wyman; 4. Beach; 5. Davis; 6. Henson

Heat 2- 1. Welschmeyer; 2. Turpin; 3. Dunham; 4. Clancy; 5. D. Dowell (DNF)

In the photo: Jason Johnson of Rocky Mount is shown with crew members and trophy girl Kelci Brauner of California. –Photo by Speedway track photographer Carol Wirts.


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