Green Ridge Tigers crush Bulldogs, 20-10; advance to championship game

May 19, 2014

in Sports

GR-Leeton-19The Green Ridge Tigers scored 20 runs in six innings, double that of their opponent in Class 1, District 13 playoffs Monday night at La Monte R-4 High School, which was hosting the District Tournament.

Northwest won their game against Kingsville earlier in the afternoon, 18-1. Therefore, the Northwest Mustangs (14-7) will play the Green Ridge Tigers (11-8) for District championship Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at La Monte. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

GR-Leeton-18 GR-Leeton-12 GR-Leeton-13 GR-Leeton-14 GR-Leeton-15 GR-Leeton-16 GR-Leeton-17GR-Leeton-11 GR-Leeton-2 GR-Leeton-3 GR-Leeton-4 GR-Leeton-5 GR-Leeton-6 GR-Leeton-7 GR-Leeton-8 GR-Leeton-9 GR-Leeton-10

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