Local lottery winners from April named

May 14, 2014

in State

MoLotteryNicole Dotson, Sedalia, was s $25,000 Scratchers winner in the Missouri Lottery in April, and Debra Kitch, Sedalia, won $4,000, while Elvia Vanderpool, Sedalia, won $1,003 in a Missouri Lottery Scratchers game.

Jessica Mango, Green Ridge, was a $1,000 Scratchers winner, as well as Helen Cobarrubias, Elisha Davidson, Joyce Hughes, David Jenkins, David Lilly, Annette Shellum, all of Sedalia.

More than $6 million in prizes of $1,000 or more were won by Missouri Lottery players during April. Thousands of other prizes of less than $1,000 also were awarded during the month.


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