Laclede MGE customers to see rate increase

May 14, 2014

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MPSCTo reflect estimated changes in the wholesale cost of natural gas, Laclede Gas Company Missouri Gas Energy Operating Division ( Laclede MGE) customers will see natural gas rates change under a filing that takes effect on May 15, 2014. MGE is a division of the Laclede Gas Company.

Laclede MGE residential customers currently pay approximately $0.56 per Ccf (per hundred cubic feet) of natural gas. Under this filing, the rate will increase to approximately $0.62 per Ccf, an increase of approximately $0.06 per Ccf.

Approximately 55 to 60 percent of a customer’s natural gas bill reflects the cost of natural gas from wholesale suppliers.

The wholesale cost of natural gas (the cost your local natural gas company must pay to its suppliers for natural gas) is not regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission.

The wellhead cost of natural gas is unregulated and is primarily driven by supply, demand and the weather. The Missouri Public Service Commission does conduct an annual regulatory review to ensure that regulated natural gas companies make prudent decisions in securing natural gas supplies for their customers.

A number of energy saving tips can be found on a website from the Missouri Public Service Commission and the Division of Energy (

Laclede MGE serves approximately 500,000 natural gas customers in Missouri.


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