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Bellm takes featured winged sprint event at Double-X Speedway

May 14, 2014

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XXspeedwayMothers Day version of Sunday Night Thunder at Double X Speedway left fans talking about what they had just seen. Kyle “The Kid” Bellm might want to change his nickname to “Top Shelf” as he put on a masterful display of running the high line to his second victory in a row in the winged Sprint Cars at XX. Starting outside row one Bellm put the JHR #77 DRC on the top of the track and never looked back as he led the entire 25 laps of the feature event. After a skirmish at the start of lap two involving several cars, Bellm set sail with fellow front row starter Josh Fisher holding the number two spot. As the leaders began encountering lapped traffic on lap 6, Fisher slipped to third place, behind Bellm and a hard charging Jonathan Cornell.

As the leaders were moving through lapped traffic all was well until a lap 22 yellow for a stalled car on the backstretch reset the field behind Bellm with Cornell, Tyler Blank, Brad Ryun and Randy Martin in the top- five. Bellm was able to hold off Cornell over the final three laps to record his second win in a row for the JHR team. Following Bellm across the stripe were Cornell, Blank, Martin claimed fourth after starting 16th and TJ Muths slipped into the fifth spot at the checkered. Ryun, Fisher, Corey Nelson, Tyler Elliott and Cody Baker completed the top ten. Qualifying heats were won by Fisher, Bellm, and Ryun.

A special event on tap Sunday night were the non wing 600cc micro sprints. 16 drivers took the green in the feature event with Brian Lunsford claiming the victory. Lunsford held off the hard charging duo of Dean and Scott Hathman to take the checkered. Quinton Benson and Ayrton Gennetten rounded out the top five. Kyle Schlotz, Austin Crane, Jim Dowell, Nick Schaefer and Ethan Green made up the six through ten spots. Lunsford led all 15 laps which was slowed by a caution and red on lap two for two separate incidents. Heat race victories were taken by Lunsford and Dean Hathman.

The Hobby Stock main event looked like it was going to be a repeat for Gage Wineland, however it was not to be as a lap seven altercation with a lapped car relegated Wineland to the rear of the field. Pole sitter Mike Schrader was the lucky recipient and held off former track champion Will Register over the remaining five laps to seal the victory. Kevin Prall was third, Wineland recovered from the restart to finish fourth and Joe Reed was fifth. Completing the top ten were Chuck Coffey, Larry Dickson, Laura Atkinson, Rudy Wirts and Doug Coffey. Heat races were claimed by Schrader and Wineland.

Also on tap were the popular Street Stocks with John Clancy Jr., claiming the victory. Clancy started on the pole due to mechanical misfortunes befalling Dale Berry and at the drop of the green Clancy won the drag race into turn one, besting fellow front row starter Harlan Dowell, Jr. The lead duo ran nose to tail for the 15 lap event with Steve Beach third, Cole Henson fourth and Tim Cressley claiming fifth. Heat were won by Berry and Dowell.

The 25th season of Sunday Night Thunder continues at Double X next week, be sure to join us. Gates open at 5, races start at 7:30.

Results May 11, 2014

Winged Sprint Cars– (19 cars)


1. 77-Kyle Bellm, Nixa; 2. 28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia; 3. 75-Tyler Blank, California; 4. 0-Randy Martin, California; 5. 65- TJ Muths, Sedalia; 6. 1X-Brad Ryun, Higginsville; 7. 72X-Josh Fisher, Jefferson City; 8. 34-Corey Nelson, Eugene; 9. 49-Tyler Elliott, California; 10. 38-Cody Baker, Lone Jack; 11. 9-Casey Baker, Lone Jack; 12. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg; 13. 49B-Ben Brown, Marshall; 14. 69P-Mike Pearson, California; 15. 4 Evan Martin, California; 16. 8-Jeff Wingate, Centertown; 17. 31-Bryan Grimes, Slater; 18. 24-Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit; 19. 48-David Brown, Marshall.

Heat 1– 1. Fisher; 2. Grimes; 3. Cody Baker; 4. E. Martin; 5. Walton; 6 R. Martin; 7. B. Brown

Heat 2– 1. Bellm; 2. Stangl; 3. Wingate; 4. Casey Baker; 5. Elliott; 6. Pearson

Heat 3– 1. Ryun; 2. Cornell; 3. Blank; 4. Nelson; 5. Muths; 6. D. Brown

Non Wing 600cc Micro Sprints–(16 cars)


1. 8- Brian Lunsford, Marshall; 2. 56H-Dean Hathman, Columbia; 3. 56- Scott Hathman, Columbia; 4. 15B-Quinton Benson, Sweet Springs; 5. 44-Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles; 6. 749-Kyle Schlotz, Jefferson City; 8. 88J-Jim Dowell, Wooldridge; 9. 9S-Nick Schaefer, Marshall; 10. 37-Ethan Green, Wooldridge; 11. 63-Kyle Houston, Sedalia; 12. 25M-Jed Peaster, Sweet Springs; 13. 75A- Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove; 14. 2R-Ryan Marsch, Jefferson City; 15. 3J-Jordon Howell, Columbia; 16. 75E-Bailey Elliott, California

Heat 1– 1. Lunsford; 2. Gennetten; 3. Schlotz; 4. Benson; 5. Peaster; 6. Howell; 7. Marsch; 8. Schaefer

Heat 2– 1. D. Hathman; 2. S. Hathman; 3. Houston; 4. Crane; 5. Arnold; 6. Dowell; 7. Green; 8. Elliot

Hobby Stocks ( 12 cars)–


1. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia; 2. 77-Will Register, Sedalia; 3. 12G-Gage Wineland, Syracuse; 4. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 5. 09R-Joe Reed, Tipton; 6. 171-Chuck Coffey, Windsor, 7. 34-Larry Dickson, Bunceton; 8. 4A-Laura Atkinson, Eldon; 9. X-Rudy Wirts, California; 10. 26-Doug Coffey, Windsor; 11. 84-Jeremiah Wallingford, Jamestown; 12. XX-AJ Wirts, California

Heat 1– 1. Schrader; 2. Prall; 3. Reed; 4. D. Coffey; 5. Wallingforf; 6. A Wirts

Heat 2– 1. Wineland; 2. Register; 3. C. Coffey; 4. Dickson; 5. R. Wirts; 6. Atkinson

Street Stocks (11 cars)


1. 8-John Clancy Jr., California; 2. 29-Harlan Dowell, Jr., Tipton; 3. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon; 4. 31c-Cole Henson, Russellville; 5. 002-Tim Cressley, Tipton; 6. 14D-CHris Dunham, California; 7. 38-Jake Dent, California; 8. 15-Curt Turpin, Jefferson City; 9. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia, (DNS); 10. 6-CLiff CHampney, Linn (DNS)

11. 17- Andrew Roark, Henley( DQ)

Heat 1– 1. Berry; 2. Clancy,Jr.; 3. Beach; 4. Cressley; 5. Dent (DNS); 6. Dunham (DNS)

Heat 2– 1. Dowell,Jr.; 2. Turpin; 3. Roark; 4. C. Henson; 5. Champney

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