Real Estate 5-13-14

May 13, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleThe Pettis County Clerk’s office has released these recent real estate transactions:

• Melind Parkhurst Moore, trustee, and William Parkhurst II Family Trust to Bruce and Alice Strobel, trustee’s deed.

• Loretta D. and Herbert J. Hanneman to Dillmer Enterprises LLC, warranty deed.

• Herbert J. and Loretta D. Hanneman to Kellie, Paula and Jerry Dillmer, warranty deed.

• William M. Hurt to Leonard E. Chilcoat, Warranty deed.

• US Bank National Association to Melvilles Enterprises LLC, waranty deed.

• Dorrette Dorn to Patricia L. Cormer, warranty deed.

• Aleko Invest LLC to Emerson H. Goss, warranty deed.

• Carlos R. and Dharma I. Leon to Scott and Jennifer McHenry, warranty deed.

• Charles Bise Jr., Shiloh Bise and Teresa J. Cox to Douglas E. and Kathryn S. Elliott, warranty deed.

• Rick D. and Meagan M. Lewis to Janet A. Ellis, warranty deed.

• Mary Ann Zimmerschied, trustee, and Mary Ann Chmelir Trust to Michael Anthony and Gina Renee Staus, trustee’s deed.

• Luther Dameron Jr., trustee, Luther Dameron Jr. Revocable Trust and Ruth Anne Dameron to Grace E. and Alyn M. Scott, trustee’s deed.

• John W. and Lucinda Joyce Lentz, Jeremiah E. and Jennifer Lentz, Joseph Robert Levi Lentz, John W. Lentz Family Trust, John W. Lentz, trustee, Lucinda J. Lentz Family Trust and Lucinda Joyce Lentz, trustee to Sara Lentz, warranty deed.

• Jerry L. and Susan K. Visentin to Jerry L. and Susan K. Vistentin and Dustin L. Visentin, quit claim deed.

• Joseph W. and Kathleen E. Lucerno to Nathan D. Vaughn, warranty deed.

• David L. and Kendel S. Wolf to David L. and Kendel S. Wolf and Kami Marie Wolf, warranty deed.

• Bruce S. Gabriel, trustee, Jacqueline L. Gabriel, trustee, Bruce Gabriel Trust and Jacqueline Gabriel Trust to James C. West, trustee’s deed.

• Lydia Ann and Thomas E. Rouchka and Barbara Sue Cottrill to Norma Bryson, wararnty deed.

• Sammy G. and M. Diane Mehan to Dennis and Rebecca Hudson and Randall and Melinda Hudson, warranty deed.

• Mark E. and Janet K. Crouch to Kevin E. Jester and Megan J. Jamison, warranty deed.

• Daniel L. and Brandi M. Herron to Jeffrey B. Clause, warranty deed.

• Chris and Vickie Binnie to Lucas D. Reynolds, waranty deed.

• Georgia P. and Dennis R. Davis to Steven R. and Kimberly K. Davis, warranty deed.

• Edward K. Lenz, personal representative, and Estate of Cabin Duane Galloway to Barry Weinberg, representative’s deed.

• Lori A. and David L. Muhr to Lori A. Muhr Trust, waranty deed.

• Wanda J. Monsees to Betty Jean Jones, warranty deed.

• Tyler J. and Tanya Steele to Kathrin I. Seher, warranty deed.

• US Bank National Association to Justin A. Kindle, waranty deed.

• Juan Gonzalez Quezada to Tomasa Sotelo, warranty deed.

• Kevin James Bottcher to Brandon M. and Ashley Kay Grandfield, warranty deed.

• Nolan D. and Peggy L. Sparks to Bryan and Christmas Stringham, warranty deed.

• John Keith and Ann Kathrine Fravel to Jesse John Fravel, trustee and John and Ann Fravel Map Trust, quit claim deed.

• South and Associates PC, Anthony J. and Dorothy J. Negron to US Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC, Morgan H. and Stephanie M. Yeager to Matrix Financial Services Corp., foreclosure deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC, Thomas and Tonya L. Vandiver to MSBC Bank USA NA, forelosure deed.

• Fannie Mae to Clinton H. and Patricia A. Jenkins, warranty deed.

• Matrix Financial Services Corp. to David L. and Kendel S. Wolf, warranty deed.

• Jose M. and Ruth A. Palasi to Mary Beth Rundlett, warranty deed.

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