S-C Tigers post 2-1 win over St. Pius in nine

May 10, 2014

in Sports

SC-StPius-7The Smith-Cotton Tigers scored a 2-1 victory over St. Pius X of Kansas City Friday night at Dey Field at Liberty Park Stadium in nine innings.

The Tigers are on the road for three games, then return home for their final home game against Boonville May 14. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

SC-StPius-6 SC-StPius-1 SC-StPius-2 SC-StPius-3 SC-StPius-4 SC-StPius-5SC-StPius-34 SC-StPius-8 SC-StPius-9 SC-StPius-10 SC-StPius-11 SC-StPius-12 SC-StPius-13 SC-StPius-14 SC-StPius-15 SC-StPius-16 SC-StPius-17 SC-StPius-18 SC-StPius-19 SC-StPius-20 SC-StPius-22 SC-StPius-23 SC-StPius-24 SC-StPius-25 SC-StPius-26 SC-StPius-27 SC-StPius-28 SC-StPius-29 SC-StPius-30 SC-StPius-31 SC-StPius-32 SC-StPius-33

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