Real Estate 5-6-14

May 6, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleReal estate transactions involving these individuals and firms have been reported by the Pettis County Clerk’s office:

• Louis E. and Leisa R. Gero to NT Properties Inc., warranty deed.

• Marissa Cowen to Edgar E. Ramirez, warranty deed.

• George R. V. Craig Jr. to Margarita Lopez, warranty deed.

• Third National Bank of Sedalia to Gaylon K. and Mary E. Alfrey, warranty deed.

• Dianne M. Pilant to Dianne M. Pilant, warranty deed.

• Gerald and Helen Cecil and Gregory A. Cecil to Pearl River Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Gordon L. and Myoko Bell Yonce, Yonce Myoko Bell and David Eugene Bell to Mikhail Krutikov, warranty deed.

• Delmar Lantz and Goldia Elene Fisher to Hubert Andrew Fisher and Amy Elene Barber, warranty deed.

• Fannie Mae to Michael A. and Tamela L. Millsap, waranty deed.

• April Hawkins and John Gowin to William A. and Maleah S. Perkins, quit claim deed.

• Mary L. Heather to Daniel D. Heather, quit claim deed.

• William J. and Sally Mergen to Luther John and Samantha Kay Skidmore, warranty deed.

• Joyce E. and Tony McNeal and Nicole McNeal to Tony and Nicole McNeal, warranty deed.

• Missouri Ridge Investment LLC to Billy Richards, warranty deed.

• Carolyn L. Montgomery to Phllip D. Bratton, warranty deed.

• Shane Douglas and Jennifer Elizabeth Holtz and Jennnifer E. Holtz to Carolyn Montgomery, warranty deed.

• John W. and Lucinda Joyce Lentz to John W. Lentz, trustee, Lucinda Joyce Lentz, trustee, and John W. and Lucinda J. Lentz Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Ralph H. Kreisel Jr. and Regina K. Kreisel to Ralph H. Kreisel Jr. and Regina K. Kreisel, quit claim deed.

• Hollie Napier and Elizabeth A. Olson to Jose Saul Montano Castenada and Celia Montano, warranty deed.

• Miguel Angel Zaragoza to Maria Guadalupe Zaragoza, judgment.

• Roger D. and Jennifer D. Burge to Nucompass Mobility Services Inc., warranty deed.

• Kyle T. Herrick and MVRK Developing LLC to S and D Properties LLC, warranty deed.

• Ricky Lynn Himes to Patricia Lee Himes, judgment.

Kristine K. Bohon and Vincent Joe Shoemaker to Lynn R. and Carolyn Snow, warranty deed.

• Rolando V. Estrada and Teresa Murillo Paredes to Martha L. Stokes, quit claim deed.

• Martha L. Stokes to Juan F. Linares and Maria I. Murillo, warranty deed.

• Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Tara G. Clark, warranty deed.

• Joyce Ann Craig to Richard Len Craig, quit claim deed.

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