Lady Mustangs beat Lady Grems, 13-7, in Districts

May 3, 2014

in Sports

NW-SH-25The Northwest Lady Mustangs beat the Sacred Heart Lady Gremlins, 13-7, in the first round of Class 1, District 14 action on April 30 at La Monte R-4 High School. Northwest advanced, only to be wiped out by Sweet Springs, 9-0, in the next game.

Crest Ridge beat Sweet Springs, 1-0, on May 1 to take the District 14 title. Green Ridge (11-2) takes on Crest Ridge (18-1) on May 5 at 5 p.m. at Crest Ridge in Centerview in the first round of state playoffs. The winner of that game plays the winner Santa Fe vs Lone Jack on May 8. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

NW-SH-24 NW-SH-1 NW-SH-2 NW-SH-3 NW-SH-4 NW-SH-5 NW-SH-6 NW-SH-7 NW-SH-8 NW-SH-9 NW-SH-10 NW-SH-11 NW-SH-12 NW-SH-13 NW-SH-14 NW-SH-15 NW-SH-16 NW-SH-17 NW-SH-18 NW-SH-19 NW-SH-20 NW-SH-21 NW-SH-22 NW-SH-23NW-SH-35 NW-SH-26 NW-SH-27 NW-SH-28 NW-SH-29 NW-SH-30 NW-SH-31 NW-SH-32 NW-SH-33 NW-SH-34

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