Grems take Kaysinger trophy

May 3, 2014

in Sports

SH-Tipton-3The Sacred Heart baseball Gremlins took home the Kaysinger Conference trophy Thursday night, May 1 at Dey Field at Liberty Park Stadium, where the Grems beat the Lincoln Cardinals, 6-4.

In the group photo: Front row left to right: Jinny Young, Kohei Kadama, Ben Smeltzer, Michael Hohne, Cal Racy, Jackson Smith, Chance Spangler, Kolin Brace and Kanji Harada.

Back row left to right: coach Mark Reid, head coach Jaric Reid, Cody Schibi, Garrett Strange, Jacob Smothers, Ben Scotten, Caleb Tanguay, Clint Spangler, Mason Kelchner, Brenden Volcko and coach John Gordon Kelley. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

SH-Tipton-4 SH-Tipton-1 SH-Tipton-2SH-Tipton-20 SH-Tipton-5 SH-Tipton-6 SH-Tipton-7 SH-Tipton-8 SH-Tipton-9 SH-Tipton-10 SH-Tipton-11 SH-Tipton-12 SH-Tipton-13 SH-Tipton-14 SH-Tipton-15 SH-Tipton-16 SH-Tipton-17 SH-Tipton-18 SH-Tipton-19

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