Real Estate 4-29-14

April 29, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleThe Pettis County Clerk has released the following recent real estate transactions:

• Connie S. Borgstadt to Bradley McKim, warranty deed.

• Dorothy Brill Upton, trustee, Julian F. Upton Trust and Dorothy Brill Upton Trust to Dennis D. and Channon L. Dove, trustee’s deed.

• Equity Bank to Rodney and Tigra Drenon, warranty deed.

• South and Associates PC, Bradley A. and Virginia Privett to US Bank National Association, foreclosure deed.

• Orval A. and Ruby F. Kempf to Orval A. Kempf, trustee, Ruby F. Kempf, trustee and Kempf Revocable Living Trust, quit claim deed.

• Deborah Lynn and Daniel Wiesman, Paul Harvey and Linda Young and Brett and Kimberly Diana Anderson to Starline Inc., warranty deed.

• Eric R. and Laura A. Hopper to Eric R. Hopper, trustee, Laura A. Hopper, trustee and Eric R. and Laura A. Hopper Family Trust, warranty deed.

• Charles E. and Devin M. Robb to Rachael A. Robb, quit claim deed.

• Robert E. Wiskur, trustee, Robert E. and Wanda A. Wiskur Trust, Sheryl Y. Richardson, trustee and Deawn A. Hersini, trustee to Hickory Hill Acres LLC, trustee’s deed.

• Wanda J. Crouch to Daniel J. and Regan N. Hargrave, warranty deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Doug D. Rhoads to Beneficial Finance Inc., foreclosure deed.

• Dale A. Blatterman to Raunel Reynoso Plata and Jennie M. Reynoso, warranty deed.

• Judith A. Kayson, trustee and Judith A. Kayson Trust to Walton Real Estate Development LLC, trustee’s deed.

• Dru J. Simons to Monte and Jerah Nordeen, warranty deed.

• Monica S. Hudson to Edwin W. and Jessica Crampton, warranty deed.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association to Jay Van and Nou Lee, warranty deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dale W. and Donna Jane Garrett, warranty deed.

• John Blakely to Brett and Renee Blakely, quit claim deed.

• Brett and Renee Blakely to John Blakely, quit claim deed.

• Daniel R. Nelson to Clifford E. and Judy Kay Needy, warranty deed.

• Linda J. Krebs, trustee, Clifford J. Lamp Living Trust and Georgia F. Lamp Living Trust to Chanell Marie Buckner, trustee’s deed.

• Denise M. and Gary Fries, Julie A. Schneider Day, Robbie Day, Debra D. and Kim Casto to Charles T. Schneider Jr., quit claim deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Martin Carbtree, warranty deed.

• Bank of America NA to Vyacheslav Trushenko, warranty deed.

• Teresa L. and Peter D. Walter to Kristopher D. Yonker and Jessica LeeAnne Kratzer, warranty deed.

• John W. Parkhurst, trustee, Barbara Parkhurst, trustee, John W. Parkhurst Revocable Living Trust and Barbara Parkhurst Revocable Living Trust to Mary E. Tevis Family Trust, Mary E. Tevis, trustee, Steven A. Tevis Family Trust and Steven A. Tevis, trustee, trustee’s deed.

• James and Natalia Findley to Jose Israel Alvarado Ordonez, Gloria Ester Carillo Ordonez, Ordonez Jose Israel Alvarado and Ordonez Gloria Ester Carillo, warranty deed.

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