Lub Dub draws over 430 runners

April 28, 2014

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Runner-10The seventh annual Lub Dub 5K/10k Walk-Run attracted a total of 431 participants, plus another 40 kids who took part in the Kiddie Run, a companion event of the Lub Dub, held last Saturday morning in Sedalia.

Results highlights:

Overall 10K Run Female: Kim Windle, 48:17.6

Overall 10K Run Male: Kevin Hostettler, 39:45.6

Overall 5K Run Female: Krista Phillips, 24:41.7

Overall 5K Run Male: Isaac Hansen, 18:33.3

5K Walk Co-ed finishes: Sarah Canon, first

Erin Wilson, second

Rachel Umlauf, third

Corporate Challenge Winners

Participation Award: Bichsel Jewelry with 90% participation

Top Donor: Third National Bank

5K Run Team: Pittsburgh Corning

Participant numbers were up slightly from 423 last year; total registration last year was around 520, according to Lisa Church, executive director of the Bothwell Foundation and Communications.

Proceeds from the Lub Dub benefit the Foundation’s Camye Callis Gaspard Memorial Heart Fund to finance improvements in the treatment of heart disease in the area.

Last year’s event on April 27, 2013 generated $19,762.50. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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