SHS field trip goes galactic

April 24, 2014

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photo 3-2Gina Dillard and her third grade students at Sacred Heart School visited each planet in the solar system without ever leaving the classroom. With the help of interactive technology, the students connected online with their very own NASA tour guide, who shared interesting facts and dispelled myths as they made their virtual journey throughout the Milky Way.

Students also learned how scientists and astronauts obtained information about the universe and what they hoped to accomplish once NASA’s Juno spacecraft reaches Jupiter in two years.

This field trip was made possible through Sacred Heart’s membership with the Missouri Interactive Telecommunication-Education Network (MIT-E), a video conferencing and dual-credit online course provider. The MIT-E Network received a grant that allows teachers the opportunity to make it even easier to connect to virtual learning all over the world. photo 2-4

Additional virtual trips taken through the MIT-E Network include the Smithsonian Museum, the Holocaust Museum and St. Louis Zoo, among many others. Photos submitted.

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