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April 23, 2014

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2mayorsBy Kyle Siegel
Staff writer

The Sedalia City Council met this past Monday evening where a new Mayor and several council members were sworn into office. Newly elected Mayor Stephen Galliher was sworn into office, as well as Councilmen James Cunningham and Don Meier. Council members Wanda Monsees and Tollie Rowe were sworn into office again for new terms. Several bids were also approved during the meeting, along with Bob Cross voted in as Mayor Pro-Tem.

During the pre-council session the Sedalia City Council heard the annual report from the Citizen’s Committee for Smart Growth representative Kim Graves. Graves spoke briefly and informed council of Arbor Day festivities to be held at Liberty Park on Friday, April 25 at 3:30 pm. Graves spoke of a rope course that will be set up at Liberty Park.

“We will be the first city in the State of Missouri for this display,” Graves said of the rope course.

The course will be up and running by this Saturday. KCP&L and Empire Gas will also be providing trees once again this year.

At the start of the council meeting, Bob Hiller with the DARE Program presented the council with a check for $12,032. The money was collected this year at the recent DARE Car Show held downtown in the Municipal Building and surrounding area. The amount donated this year was up slightly from last year’s amount.

The council approved a bid in the amount of $8/per ton for the purchase of trap rock to be used in the city’s chip and seal process. The trap rock will be purchased from Central Stone Company of Florissant.

The council also approved a bid from H & M Trucking of Hughesville, in the amount of $30.00/per ton for the hauling of the trap rock from Central Stone Company. According to city staff, during the bidding process for the trap rock, there would be cost savings by bidding the rock and hauling separately.

Also during the meeting Monday evening, council reviewed and accepted a bid from Sherwin-Williams for the purchase of a walk behind paint sprayer. The bid was in the amount of $4,944.44 and it was the second lowest bid. City staff requested a demonstration of two different paint sprayers, one from each of the lowest two bids. The city based their decision to purchase the paint sprayer from the second lowest bid. The reason given was the city staff has past experience with the sprayer from Sherwin-Williams. There was a difference of $79.44 between the two paint sprayers.

Council accepted an agreement between the City of Sedalia and Midland GIS Solutions for the implementation of an upgraded integrity Silverlight GIS website and HTML mobile GIS website. The service included will provide city staff with mobile wastewater information used while working on the city sewer system. The agreement was for a cost of $3,000 for a one-year term. The agreement is set to automatically renew on the same terms after a one-year time period unless notice is given 30 days before the contract expiration date.

The Sedalia City Council also approved a bid for property insurance from Arthur J. Gallagher under AIG insurance in the amount of $202,207.00. AIG was the low bid for the insurance coverage. Coverage not only includes city property, but that of Bothwell Regional Health Center as well. The bid was awarded for a three-year period and is effective May 15, 2014.

The council also held a public hearing over the proposed annexation of property owned by Independent Living of Sedalia, LLC. If annexed the property, located off of Winchester Drive and 10th Street, is requested to be zoned R-3 which is a garden apartment zone. No one in the community came to speak against the proposed annexation.

The council meeting was adjourned Sine Die before the swearing in ceremony of Galliher, Cunningham, Meier, Monsees, and Rowe. Once roll call was taken, the business of electing a mayor pro-tem began. After the first round of nominating and voting took place, the council was unable to provide a majority vote of those in attendance.

The council had voted four in favor of Bob Cross and three in favor of Jo Lynn Turley. Newly elected Councilman Don Meier abstained from voting. The council then broke into a quick recess before a new round of nominations and voting took place. After the second round, Councilman Bob Cross was elected as the new Mayor Pro-Tem.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be held on May 5, 2014. Photos by Kyle Siegel.

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