Pam Carter to run for Pettis County Presiding Commissioner

April 15, 2014

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PamCPam Carter has announced her intentions to run for Presiding Commissioner of Pettis County. She issued the following press release to the Weekly Observer:

I am running for Pettis County Presiding Commissioner out of a commitment to public service. I am experienced and qualified. I was vice chair of public works on the city council of Sedalia and worked extensively on the annual budget. This grounding in local government has prepared me for service at the county level.

As presiding commissioner I will:

•Work to keep Pettis County on sound financial footing.

•Continue delivery of essential goods and services such as quality roads, support for law enforcement, and county support for our court system.

•Work as a team player with other county officials for their budget input, thoughts on policy development, and ideas to improve government.

I am looking forward to contacting voters in Pettis County and visiting with them about our county government.

I was raised a Missourian and have lived in Sedalia over 20 years. I have two children: one is a graduate of State Fair Community College, and one is currently attending Smith-Cotton High School. I work with my parents in the rental property business.

My past experience in city government has led me to understand the relationship between local and state government. This quality will prove very helpful in the Pettis County Courthouse. This experience has also given me the understanding that elected officials must work as a team to accomplish significant goals. As presiding commissioner, it will always be my policy to serve the taxpayers of the county, to work for their benefit, and to always have an open door policy for all citizens of our community.

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