Real Estate 4-14-14

April 14, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleThe following individuals and firms concluded real estate transactions recently, according to the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Donna L. Thompson to Casey D. Graham, warranty deed.

• Charles E. Lefwich Jr. and James M. Leftwich to Charles E. Leftwich Jr. and James M. Leftwich, warranty deed.

• Orval A. and Ruby E. Kempf to Richard G. and Debra D. Helmig, quit claim deed.

• Brandon and Lori Hurt to Hobert Perkins, warranty deed.

• Jerry Wayne and Cheryl Louise Cook to Wilhelmina Jo Williams, warranty deed.

• Fannie Mae to Gregory and Jessica Cassavaugh, warranty deed.

• Anita R. Campbell to Kevin J. Anderson, warranty deed.

• Kevin M. and Jennifer E. Ditzfeld to Anita R. Campbell, warranty deed.

• Ruth A. and Jose M. Palasi to Jennifer E. and Kevin M. Ditzfeld, warranty deed.

• Louise K. Ahlemeyer, trustee, Nadine M. Ahlemeyer, trusteee and Ahlemeyher Family Trust to Kevin M. Ditzfeld, warranty deed.

• Mollie A. Thye and Molly A. Birdwell to Brent D. Birdwell, quit claim deed.

• Oscar H. and Joan F. Kriesel to Jeremy and Samantha L. McKinney, warranty deed.

• Dustin Scott Brown to Stephen and Brenda Swartzentruber, warranty deed.

• Richard D. and Serena E. Griffith to Charles D. and Patricia J. Bahner, warranty deed.

• Ralph G. and Mary A. Baxter to Richard D. and Serena E. Griffith, warranty deed.

• Joyce Ann and Jacques J. Ballassan, Janet L. and Larry D. Henry to Janet L. Henry , trustee, Janet L. Henry Revocable Trust, Larry D. Henry Revocable Trust and Larry D. Henry, trustee, warranty deed.

• Viacheslav and Olesya Nikolaenko to Konstantin N. Tolmachev, warranty deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Sarah E. and Jason Sipe to Mellon Bank of New York, foreclosure deed.

• Mildred L. Walker to Mildred L. Walker, trustee, Kenneth R. Walker Joint Revocable Trust and Mildred L. Walker Joint Revocable Trust.

• Jason Sipe to Angelia Alejo Rodriguez, warranty deed.

• Paul and Michele Shepard to Brandon D. and Whitney M. Rupe, warranty deed.

• RPPI LLC to Christopher L. and Elizabeth Holem, warranty deed.

• John C. Wagenknecht, trustee, John C. Wagenknecht Revocable Trust, Margie G. Wagenknecht, trustee and Margie G. Wagenknecht Revocable Trust to Mark J. Lawler, trustee’s deed.

• Theresa L. Dove and Gael D. Ramse II to Marvin L. and Lydia S. Kropf, warranty deed.

• James Bacon to Leonard Thomas Bacon, warrantyh deed.

• Richard D. and Serena E. Griffith to Adam Lee and Brenda Ann Nevels, warranty deed.

• John L. and Barbara L. Knaus to John L. Knaus, trustee, John L. Knaus Revocable Trust, Barbara L. Knaus, trustee and Barbara L. Knaus Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• JBK Farms LLC to John L. Knaus, trustee, Barbara L. Knaus, trustee, John L. Knaus Revocable Trust and Barbara L. Knaus Revocable Trust, warranty deed.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Terry B. and Hyeok Vogel, warranty deed.

• Barbara L. Main to Daniel and Patricia Bell, quit claim deed.

•KDP Hospitality LLC to KDP Hospitality Group LLC, quit claim deed.

• Edgar E. McFail Jr. and Martin Leigh Laws and Fritzlen PC to Charles and Carmen Taylor, foreclosure deed.

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