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April 9, 2014

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On Tuesday, April 8, the City of Sedalia and townships in Pettis County held their municipal elections with an 11.5 percent voter turnout. Those elected in Sedalia contested races included Stephen Galliher, James Cunningham, Don Meier, Jerry Greer and Ron Wineinger.

Mayor Elect Stephen Galliher won the mayoral election with 1,200 votes, which accounted for 68.45 percent of the votes counted. His opponent Allen Hawkins finished with 539 votes that accounted for 30.75 percent of votes cast.

The Weekly Observer spoke with Galliher about the election results and what his next steps will entail.

“I was extremely pleased. It is a good outcome. The voters sure made a statement. I appreciate all of those who voted for me and supported me. I even appreciate the people who voted for my opponent, because it is a good thing for people to come out and vote.

“I am picking up some of my signs today and I have visited City Hall. We are going to hit the transition pretty hard. The transition is going to go very well I am sure. I am looking forward to serving the citizens of Sedalia for the next four years. I think Sedalia is going to keep going forward and continue to grow,” Galliher said.

In the First Ward, James Cunningham took the election with 375 votes. Cunningham had 66.84 percent of the votes cast for the race. Opponent Susan Daniels finished with 185 votes, which accounted for a 32.98 percent share of those who cast their ballots.

Cunningham spoke about the election outcome and what he has planned next.

“I was very pleased. I felt that I worked very hard to get my name out there and meet with the voters and obviously it paid off with the win,” Cunningham said of the election results.

He added, “I have been going to all of the meetings for the last three months, so I have a good understanding of things. I think we will have a good council. I think economic growth is a priority right now.”

In the race for the Sedalia Third Ward, Don Meier won the council seat with 250 votes, or 64.43 percent. Opponent Terry Cockrell received 137 votes, or 35.31 percent of the voters who cast their ballot.

Meier spoke with the Weekly Observer to discuss the election results and what comes next for him

“I am thrilled to death. I really thought there would have been a better voter turnout than what there was, but I am certainly not complaining about the outcome,” Meier said before adding, “First thing I have to do, I am on the Public Works Board, is I will have to resign before I get sworn in. I would like to spend a few minutes with Gary Edwards (City Administrator) and Stephen Galliher. They are going to have to educate me on the ways of being a councilman. I hope I please all of the voters out there.”

In the race for State Fair Community College Board of Trustees, two open spots were won by Jerry Greer and Ron Wineinger. The race for SFCC Board of Trustees was the most tightly contested race of the night. Ron Wineinger had 1725 votes, which represented 34.66 percent of the vote. Jerry Greer barely came in ahead of opponent Kip Salmon with a margin of 13 votes separating the two. Greer had 1627 votes to Salmon’s 1614. Greer had 32.69 percent of the votes compared to a very close 32.43 percent of the vote carried by Salmon.

In uncontested races, Wanda Monsees was once again reelected to serve as a council member for the Second Ward. Tolbert (Tollie) Row was also once again reelected to serve as a council member for the Fourth Ward in Sedalia. Municipal Judge Deborah Mitchell was also reelected to serve as municipal judge for another term. For complete election results, visit

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