Council approves variety of bids, ordinances

April 9, 2014

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Kyle Siegel

This past Monday, April 7, the Sedalia City Council passed a number of ordinances and approved several bids during their regular council meeting. The items approved or accepted ranged from bids for rock salt to change orders concerning the Washington Street Bridge Project.

The council approved a bid from Prism Contractors and Engineers, Inc in the amount of $431,433 for work consisting of various piping improvements such as cured-in-place pipe, 15,000 linear feet of television inspection, and the rebuilding of several service connections. The approved bid work was included in the $30 million city sewer project.

The council also adopted the Sedalia 2014 Comprehensive Plan, which is an update of the 2008 plan. According to information provided by city staff, by Missouri state law, a comprehensive plan must be voted on by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The commission unanimously approved the plan before council voted. Acceptance of the plan is an important step in the approval process.

The Sedalia City Council repealed a section of Ordinance Number 8447 and added ten hour parking restrictions for two parking spaces located on the north side of West 4th Street just east of South Kentucky Ave. This replaces the two hour parking restrictions already in place for the parking places. The council approved the change based off of a recommendation by the Citizens Traffic Advisory Commission.

Council approved and accepted and ordinance for an underground facilities locating and marking service agreement between USIC Locating Services and the City of Sedalia. The reason for the ordinance is that the city frequently needs to be able to precisely locate underground sewer and storm sewer lines during construction work.

The council also approved a change order in the amount of $94,000 for the Washington Street Viaduct project. The change order pertained to the full cost of painting improvements to the viaduct. This was approved during the recent budget discussions. The total cost of the project now stands at $1,309,529.

A change order for the sidewalk project on Grand Ave. from 16th Street to Broadway was approved by council during the meeting. This was a deduct change order in the amount of $13,704.93. This brings the total of the project down to $82,720.56.

A street sweeper purchase was reviewed by council during the biweekly meeting. The street sweeper will be purchased from Elliot Equipment Company through the MoDOT Cooperative Procurement Project. The cost of the equipment is set at $221,669.54. This comes in under the council approved budgeted amount of $240,000. The equipment was budgeted in the 2015 FY budget.

Council also approved the purchase of a tractor with a six foot rotary mower, as well as a seven foot finishing mower from Ag-Power, Inc. This is through the MoDot Cooperative Procurement Project. The cost of the mower is $26,768. This came in under the budgeted amount of $30,000. The equipment will be used to mow city properties, as well as private properties in violation of city code.

A bid for rock salt from Independent Salt Company of Kanapolis, Kansas was approved by council. The bid came in at $65.17 per ton. This in an increase over the cost of last year’s bid by $3.63. The council also approved a bid from Barco Municipal Products, Inc for the purchase of replacement ten-foot snow plow blades.

The next council meeting will be held on April 21, 2014, where newly elected members of council and the mayor’s office will be sworn in.

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