Whittier students raise autism awareness with 5K run

April 6, 2014

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AutismWalk-4Whittier High School students organized  ‘Steppin’ 4 the Spectrum 5K’ walk/run which attracted about 349 participants to the event, held Saturday morning at the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

The top three males were Ryan Windle (21:48), Josh Lauer (22:10), Chris Kelner (22:50). The top three females were Kim Windle (23:03), Angela Gentry (23:21), Megan Webb (24:02).

The event was designed to raise funds to create an autism awareness group and was a service learning project for nine Whittier students, explained one Whittier teacher. The event reportedly raised around $8,000.

“They students used class time to learn all the items you need to  set up an event like this and are using the funds to assist in setting up a local Autism chapter for those families in our area (filling a need for the community). They hope to make this an annual event,” noted Whittier instructor Jennie Guerrini.

“We are having our third autism chapter meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Whittier and we hope to finalize a committee and begin planning needs and various ways of meeting those community needs. We hope that it will work in to be an annual event to raise money to support the Autism chapter.

“Myself and my service learming class are the ones who organized and planned the entire event along with organizing the efforts to create the local Autism chapter/support group,” said Shawn Cairer. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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