Parkview, Skyline students experience the Daum

April 4, 2014

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Daum-15By Randy Kirby
Managing editor

Dozens of third and fourth graders from Parkview and Skyline Elementary schools got the chance to experience the beautiful artwork at the Daum and Goddard museums Friday morning.

The tour was made possible through a professional development grant from the Missouri Arts Council (MAC), according to Victoria Weaver, curator of education for the Daum Museum.

The project was designed to help teachers facilitate visual thinking strategies (VTS). “This part of the culmination of nine monthly conversations about specific works of art” teachers have had with their students,” Weaver explained. “So we’re wrapping this up with a museum exhibit.”

The students can view real works of art in person at the SFCC campus, as opposed to viewing slide show art projected on the wall in the classroom, she pointed out.

“We have an outreach program called the Daum Escape which is also funded by MAC,” Weaver said, adding that around 1,165 students toured the Daum this year from SFCC’s 14-county service area.

When the students come to tour the museum, they normally will have had at least three VTS sessions prior to their visit. “We implement that into the school program and that aligns with Common Core standards, which the Sedalia School District is embracing,” Weaver emphasized. “It allows the children to observe the work, articulate their thoughts, reassess their thoughts, as well as utilize constructive and scaffolding learning. They can than take that back to the classroom and use it with stories, poems, science and math – it’s a cross-curricular method.” Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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