Real Estate 4-1-14

April 1, 2014

in Real Estate

real-estate-for-saleReal estate transactions involving these individuals and firms have been reported by the Pettis County Recorder of Deeds:

• Home Quality Rentals LLC to Quentin Butts, quit claim deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Bill P. Gibson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., foreclosure deed.

• Millsap and Singer PC and Sharon E. Holloway to Bank of America NA, foreclosure deed.

• Viacheslav Nikolaenko and Olesya Savchenko to Victoria M. Solis Reiley, Ramon M. Solis and Victoria M. Reiley Solis, warranty deed.

• Roger Bond Jr., Gary Bond, Ann R. Bond and Cynthia J. Bond to Christopher G. Schweda, warranty deed.

• Allen and Vicky Whitall to Grace Mann, warranty deed.

• Vyacheslav and Irina Soyarkov to Herman S. and Debra K. Collier, warranty deed.

• SD Collier Properties LLC to Joseph R. Rylott, warranty deed.

• Joyce Ann Bellassan, trustee, and Joyce Ann Bellassan Revocable Trust to Janet L. Henry, trustee, Larry D. Henry, trustee, Larry D. Henry Revocable Trust and Janey L. Henry Revocable Trust, trustee’s deed.

• Bank of America National Association to Anton A. Blagonya, warranty deed.

• Caroll E. Howard and Linda S. Howard to Carroll E. Howard and Linda S. Howard, quit claim deed.

• Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, warranty deed.

• James T. Buckley, trustee, and Wayne W. Westbrook Jr. Trust to Russell R. and Sharon L. Johnson, trustee’s deed.

• Karen Lee Owens Sublett to Richard H. Lindeman, warranty deed.

• Deborah Raouls Dewey to Richard H. Lindeman, warranty deed (two transactions).

• Jeremy L. and Erica Cox to Michael R. Hudson, warranty deed.

• William D. and Marylee J. Stephens and Barbara Saleh to William D. and Marylee J. Stephens, warranty deed.

• William D. and Marylee J. Stephens to Keele Construction Inc., warranty deed.

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