Arrests 4-1-14

April 1, 2014

in Police Reports

BadgeRecent arrests, as reported by the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department, included these individuals:

• Leah Nicole Garrett, 20, Warrensburg, possession of marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia, Ofc. Bradley Arnold, Sedalia Police Department (SPD), arresting officer.

• Tim Bernd Dieker, 33, 1608 West Broadway, 48-hour commitment, Ofc. Glenn (Buck) Banner, Pettis County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD), arresting officer.

• Carlos Arnoldo Benavides, 36, Marshall, failure to appear on operating a vehicle on a highway without a valid license, Ofc. Aaron Berry, SPD, arresting officer.

• Sandra Lee Hopkins, 19, Cole Camp, stealing, Det. Jill Green, SPD, arresting officer.

• Jami Renee Wikstrom, 33, 4920 Vernon Road, third degree domestic assault, Ofc. Nicholas Gooch, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Charles Richard Card, 29, 231 South Quincy, peace disturbance, Ofc. Aaron Berry, SPD, arresting officer.

• Wayne Tyler Coslet, 21, 321 Magnolia, operating a commercial vehicle with a suspended or revoked license; 24-hour hold, stealing, Ofc. Aaron Berry, SPD, arresting officer.

• Jayeshkumar C. Patel, 37, Blue Springs, 48-hour commitment, possession, Ofc. Michael Miller, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Shawn Gorden Spencer, 39, 918 East 14th, failure to appear; 24-hour hold, possession of methamphetamine, Ofc. Elise Ybarra, SPD, arresting officer.

• Douglas Robert Redringer, 45, 2308 East Broadway, failure to appear on passing bad checks, Ofc. Andrew Bruce, SPD, arresting officer.

• Edward Garnel Marshall, 40, LaMonte, possession of a controlled substance; petition to revoke probation, Ofc. Mark Stevenson, LaMonte Police Department (LPD), arresting officer.

• Angela Lee Hughes, 29, 2425 West Main, stealing, Ofc. Bradley Arnold, SPD, arresting officer.

• John Rodger Dory, 32, 419 East 13th, failure to appear on a felony; parole violation, Det. Larry Parham, SPD, arresting officer.

• Kathleen Aurora Kraft, 25, 31515 Tebo Road, burglary; operatinig a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner (accident); resisting or interfering with a felony arrest; stealing, Ofc. Javier Gonzalez, PCSD, arresting officer.

• Jason William Harvey, 42, 222 South Grand, 24-hour hold, third degree domestic assault; parole violation, Det. Larry Parham, SPD, arresting officer.

• Carmie Susann Bell, 46, 1818 South Sneed, stealing, shoplifting, Ofc. Bill Grose, SPD, arresting officer.

• Scovern Cameron Norris, 26, 115 South Quincy, parole violation, Det. Larry Parham, SPD, arresting officer.

• Christie Lynn Petree, 22, 2690 Martha Lane, assault, Ofc. Ed. Crampton, SPD, arresting officer.

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