Sierra Bullets design draftsman named Product Development Manager

March 26, 2014

in Business

Mark Walker joined the Sierra Bullet’s team in June of 2000 as a design draftsman. Over the last 14 years, Mark has contributed to every product and project produced by Sierra Bullets. He is a ballistics professional, a skilled gunsmith, and an accomplished shooter. Mark’s understanding of the Sierra Bullets product line and usage uniquely qualifies him to help guide both engineering and production during the development of Sierra’s future requirements.

Mark commented, “My experiences drawing and designing Sierra Bullets production tooling, building the rifles for our test range, and competing in matches over the last fourteen years have given me a unique perspective on our product. I know exactly what we are currently capable of producing, how the rifle that will use our product is put together and why, and how our customers are using both to reach their goals in matches and in the field. I plan to apply all these lessons to help us produce exactly what our customers want and need.”

As product development manager, Mark will lead the development of innovative and unique new products that Sierra Bullets’ customers deserve.

Mark added, “While this job will bring many new and exciting challenges for improving all areas of our current product lines, I am extremely excited about using my position to help Sierra expand its offerings for the long range target market as well as make strides into the premium hunting bullet market.”

Mark is married with two children and enjoys 600-yard bench rest shooting, F-class shooting, and watching the Kansas City Royals in his spare time.

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