S-C Quad kicks off track season

March 24, 2014

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Track-3The Smith-Cotton Quad was held Friday afternoon at Jennie Jaynes Stadium involving four teams — Smith-Cotton, Smithton, Otterville and Pilot Grove.

In the Girls 100 Meter Dash, S-C’s D. Marcum took first with 13.94. S-C’s B. Meyer took second with 14.86 and Smithton’s G. Franke was third with 15.20.

In the Girls 200 Meter Dash, S-C’s D. Marcum took first with 29.39, while S-C’s B. Meyer was second with 31.81 and Smithton’s G. Franke was third with 32.44.

In the Girls 400 Meter Run, Pilot Grove’s A. Weekly took first with 1:17.98, while Otterville’s E. Oehrke took second with 1:20.27. Smithton’s A. DeHaven took third with 1:20.99. S-C’s M. Grass was fourth with 1:26.43 and Smithton’s A. Ramey was fifth with 1:26.84.

S-C took part in the UCM Indoor Invitational on Monday and will compete against Warrensburg on March 27. The Track Tigers travel to take part in the Ron Clawson Relays on Saturday, March 29 and travel to Bolivar on April 3.

In the Girls 800 Meter Dash, S-C’s K. Geotz took first with 3:06.07, while S-C’s J. Meyer was second with 3:08.25. Smithton’s A. Dehaven was third with 3:10.7. S-C’s A. Galchenko was fourth with 3:12.39 and Pilot grove’s I. Roth did not receive a time.

In the Girls 1600 Meter Run, Smithton’s C. McClain was first with 7:00.73, while S-C’s J. Meyer was second with 7:08.49. Pilot Grove’s I. Roth was third with 9:50.87.

In the Girls 3200 Meter Run, Pilot Grove’s J. Gerke was first with 18:53.16. Smithton’s C. McClain did not receive a time.

In the Girls 100 Meter Hurdles, S-C’s M. Ward was first with a 16.77, while S-C’s S. Hughes was second with 20.30. Pilot Grove’s Shrewsbury was third with 20.38. And S-C’s A. Sproles was fourth with a 20.72.

In the Girls 300 Meter Hurdles, S-C’s A. Sproles was first with a 1:03.82, while Pilot Grove’s Shrewsberry was second with 1:17.14.

In the Girls 4×100 Meter Relay, Smith-Cotton’s M. Nash, S. Hughes, D. Marcum and M. Ward finished first with a 58.02.

In the Girls 4×200 Meter Relay, S-C’s B. Cain, B. Meyer, E. Slaughter and K. Geotz finished first with a 2:22.22.

In the Girls 4×100 Meter Relay, S-C’s B. Cain, M. Grass, K. Geotz and A. Galchenko took first with a 5:41.50.

In the Girls Pole Vault, A. Sproles took first with a 6’, 6 “ jump.

In the Girls Long Jump, S-C’s M. Ward took first with a 12-foot, 5 ½ inch jump, while Otterville’s L. Robertson took second with a 12-foot jump Smithton’s A. Ramey took third with a 9-foot, nine-inch jump.

In the Girls Triple Jump, Otterville’s L. Robertson took first with a 25-11, while Smithton’s G. Franke took second with a 24-0. Smithton’s W. Fisher and Otterville’s H. Homan did not go the distance.

In the Girls Shot Put, S-C’s A. Perkins scored a 32-04 for first place, followed by Pilot Grove’s M. Lorenz scored 30-07 for second. S-C’s J. Jones took third with a 28-03. S-C’s K. Keith scored a 25-04 for fourth and Pilot Grove’s K. Renfro took fifth with a 22-07. Otterville’s B. Schoen took sixth with a 20-10 and S-C’s K. beck was seventh with a 17-05.

In the Girls Discus Throw, S-C’s A. Perkins was first with a 79-08. Pilot Grove’s M. Lorenz was second with a 73-09. S-C’s J. Jones came in third with a 67-09, while Pilot Grove’s K. Renfro was fifth with a 64-07 and S-C’s K. Beck was sixth with a 51-01.

In the Boys 100 Meter Dash, S-C took the top 10 spots. In the top three were A. Diaz with 11.68, B. Sarabia with 11.85 and A. LaBoube with a 12.19.

In the Boys 200 Meter Dash, all runners were from S-C. A. Nash was first with a 24.75, C. Johnson was second with a 25.95. C. Homan was third with a 26.14, while A. Diaz was fourth with a 26.27.

In the Boys 1600 Meter Run, Smithton’s I. Calvert was first with a 5:08.57, whiles S-C’s L. Parham was second with a 5:25.22. S-C’s A. Sanchez was third with a 5:31.47.

In the Boys 3200 Meter Run, Smithton’s I. Calvert was first with a 10:59.30 and Otterville’s C. Evans was second with a 13:29.66.

In the Boys 100 Meter Hurdles, S-C’s M. Chernookiy was first with a 17.97 and S-C’s M. Raye was second with an 18.99. S-C’s J. Benton was third with a 20.68.

In the Boys 300 Meter Hurdles, S-C’s J. Benton was first with a 50.47. S-C’s B. Hendricks was second with a 50.51, while K. Hale was third with a 52.99. S-C’s T. Lauer was fourth with a 53.49 and S-C’s B. Sarabia was fifth with a 54.60.

In the Boys 4×100 Meter Relay, S-C’s A. Contreras, C. Sarabia, C. Homan and A. Diaz were first with a 49.31. S-C’s M. Beltran, J. Benton, B. Homan and B. Longan were second with a 52.17. S-C’s K. Salas, S. Woolery, A. Jaekel and B. Hendricks were third with a 53.77. Otterville’s G. Lynn, H. Angel, J. Neal and F, Oswald were fourth with a 55.51 and Smithton’s M. Elgin, J. Smith, J. Ollison and J. Medrano were disqualified.

In the Boys 4×200 Meter Relay, S-C’s M. Raye, K. Hale, L. Guier and A. LaBoube were first with a 1:41.39, while S-C’s A. Contreras, B. Homan, M. Beltran and A. Diaz were second with 1:49.32.

In the Boys 4×400 Meter Relay, S-C’s T. Gilliam, M. Chernookiy, C. Sarabia and L. Guier were first with a 3:44.66. S-C’s R. Perkins, J. Bacon, GF. Homan and T. Lauer were second with a 4:02.88, while S-C’s N. White, C. Hankins, S. Rodriguez and K. Williams were third with a 4:21.30. Smithton’s J. Smith, J. Peck, J. Medrano and J. Ollison were fourth with a 4:28.84. Otterville’s G. Lynn, H. Angel, J. Neal and F. Oswald were fifth with a 4:38.07.

In the Boys 4×800 Meter Relay, S-C’s R. Perkins, G. Holman, C. Hankins and J. Bacon were first with a 10:19.76.

In the Boys High Jump, S-C’s A. Nash was first with a 5-08, while Otterville’s G. Lynn was second with a 5-04 and S-C’s B. Longan was third with a 5-00.

In the Boys Pole Vault, S-C’s Z. Volk was first with a 12-00, while S-C’s B. Hendricks was second with a 10-06.

In the Boys Long Jump. S-C’s A. Nash was first was first with a 12-00 while B. Sarabia was second with an 18-00. S-C’s M. Raye was third with a 17-08. Otterville’s H. Angel was fourth with a 13-11.25.

In the Boys Triple Jump. S-C’s M. Chernookiy was first with a 38-09. S-C’s K. Hale was second with a 38-06. S-C’s C. Sarabia was third with a 33-11, while Otterville’s J. Neal was fourth with a 30-11. Smithton’s M. Elgin was fifth with a 27-10 and Smithton’s J. Smith was sixth with a 27-06.

In the Boys Shot Put, S-C’s C. Homan was first with a 37-10, while S-C’s S. Dillingham was second with a 37-04. Otterville’s J. Halgren was third with a 36-00 and S-C’s A. Jaekel was fourth with a 35-02.

In the Boys Discus Throw, S-C’s C. Homan was first with a 115-11. S-C’s J. Luera was second with a 95-05. Otterville’s J. Halgren was third with a 93-01, while S-C’s C. Satnan was fourth with an 87-01.

The meet at Warrensburg was canceled due to the threat of severe weather Thursday afternoon. The next home meet won’t occur until April 22 when the S-C /Tyson Invitational is held. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.

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