Local attorney enters prosecutor’s race

March 24, 2014

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Myron-2By Randy Kirby
Managing editor

Local attorney Myron McNeal has entered the race for Pettis County Prosecutor.

McNeal made his announcement Thursday at noon at the Fox Event Theater in downtown Sedalia, right around the corner from his private practice office.

“I have lived in Pettis County my whole life and am well aware of the problems in our community,” he said. “About 40 percent of my practice is in criminal law. I can assure the people of Pettis County that I will actively prosecute those who commit crimes.”Myron-3

He added that by actively prosecuting drug-related crimes, it will reduce collateral consequential crimes. “My goal will be to address drug trade through a proactive approach.”

He acknowledged that methamphetamine is a major problem in the county. “People who use this drug commit other crimes, such as assault, burglary, stealing and even prostitution,” he stated.

He went on to say that he has worked with many addicts and their families to counsel them outside the judicial system by letting them know about the multiple resources available to them such as counseling, treatment programs and lifestyles changes, and how their actions affect them as well as their family and community.

Myron-1“Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t,” he admitted. “ultimately, each person makes their own choice.”

Drug users and dealers are not victims of circumstances, he said. “The citizens of Pettis County need a prosecutor who realizes this and gets these addicts and their drugs off our streets.”

McNeal hopes for a good turnout at the primary election and predicted a couple of hotly contested races. He concluded by asking the people of Pettis County for their vote. Photos by Randy Kirby, Sedalia Weekly Observer.


  • Scott Jones

    Myron is a good man and helped me out after I made the mistake of hiring the attorney running for circuit judge.

  • kevin

    he is a good guy with much real world experience and represents the regular “guy” or average citizen more than others running against him . He has my support and vote.

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